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  • Even Death Can Die


    Even Death Can Die. Pelgrane Press releases its first scenario anthology for their Cthulhu Confidential roleplaying game.


    Featuring nine scenarios based around the characters introduced in the Cthulhu Confidential rulebook, Even Death Can Die is available to buy now in pre-order-ish form. What do I mean by "pre-order-ish"? Simply that on purchase you will gain immediate access to the contents in "pre-edit" form, with the finalised PDF and print editions following later in the year.


    This adds a new definition of when something is actually "out" (On the shelves? Publisher direct sales? Crowd funding backer delivery? – and now "Pre-edit" version). The content is there – the words that make the game – if not the nice layout and art. So if you want it, you can get it now for £40 on a print+PDF deal.


    The anthology features a mix of previously released scenarios and new material (Pelgrane are offering discount codes for prior purchasers). The final form of Even Death Can Die will be a 360 page hardcover book available in Autumn 2019.


    For a bit of history, see @MartyJopson playing Cthulhu Confidential with @RobinDLaws...



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    And the base game in PDF is currently available at the Bundle of Holding (until 25 February).

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    I wonder if these scenarios are any good. I will wait for them to come to drivethru nonetheless.

    1v1 for CoC is very fitting imo.

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    5 hours ago, LawfulGoblin said:

    I wonder if these scenarios are any good...


    You can still buy some of them individually on Pelgrane's web site if you want to see if they're a fit for you.

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