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    Dateline: Lovecraft - Newspaper Prop Resource


    From Cthulhu Reborn comes Dateline: Lovecraft, a period prop resource for Lovecraftian games.


    Dateline: Lovecraft features a 1920s Arkham-related newspaper prop which includes a complete issue of the Arkham Advertiser with some 200 items to act as springboards (or red herrings?) for your game. Along with this comes a 58 page guide filled with suggestions and advice on making the paper as a physical prop and how to use the articles in your game. A set of detailed indices is also provided to help navigate the extensive content.


    Designed as a system agnostic resource, Dateline: Lovecraft will also be supported by a series of supplements, starting with a free tie-in scenario: Help Wanted by Jo Kreil.


    For more information, see @dce's Press Release in Arkham Market Square.


    Dateline: Lovecraft

    A system-independent prop resource which provides a huge Arkham-related newspaper prop for you to carve up and use to dream up some adventures of your own, or to add depth to your depiction of the Miskatonic Valley, or to drop clues into random published scenarios. It's a commercial (i.e., non-free) PDF package, available from RPGNow or DrivethruRPG.


    Price: $14.99 USD




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