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    The Cthulhu Hack: Valkyrie Nine


    Like your Lovecraftian games (rules) light? An increasing number of rules sets have become available in recent years for players who don't wish to wade through heavy rulebooks. One of those is The Cthulhu Hack from Just Crunch Games, a system based off David Black's The Black Hack. Just Crunch have released a new scenario for The Cthulhu HackValkyrie Nine, set in the late 21st Century on a lunar station.


    Valkyrie Nine is available in print (All Rolled Up) and PDF (DriveThruRPG).


    Valkyrie Nine

    A one-shot investigation, written for The Cthulhu Hack but playable with any system geared toward Lovecraftian horror. Set in 2073, the investigation sets the starting point for a wider campaign setting that will feature in a future release, supported by more investigations.


    The adventure includes:


    • 15 page adventure, including deep background, timeline, GM guidance, non-player character write-ups and a detailed overview of the Valkyrie Nine station.
    • Set of five full sheet Gamemaster Reference maps.
    • Six page section of handouts and pre-generated character cards.


    Here's Paul Baldowski of Just Crunch Games talking about the new scenario...



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