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    CBC, Sep 2018: Gandalf in Lederhosen


    Welcome to the September 2018 meeting of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club, a podcast for Yoggie Patrons. We return to the tea rooms of Yorkshire for discussion of all things, Cthulhu'ey, Lovecraftian'ish and Yog-Sothoth'ery once more!


    In this meeting of the CBC we talk about Zeppelin translations, nameless: releases & resolutions and RPGs as spectator sport, along with other topics and tangents that Breakfast Club is known for.


    The recording is available to Patrons via our Downloads section, as well as podcast feed, and features chapters and links in the file for enhanced navigation.


    ICYMI, we've moved on from Patreon and now offer a less formal "tip jar" (bottom of main CBC page). If you'd like to sponsor the hosts a cup of tea or a biscuit (we'll let them fight over who gets it 😉) they're always grateful.


    Not a Patron? It's easier than ever to become one and you gain access to a world of extras. It's how we're able to be here. So come, pull up a chair and join us for possibly one of the more unusual podcasts out there (or in here for that matter)...


    Oh, and next month look out for a special Hallowe'en LIVE CBC broadcast (and Val's Cthulhu Cthuiz)... don't say you weren't warned!



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