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    CBC: Paraphernalia [MiniDisc]


    The Cthulhu Breakfast Club (our YSDC Patron podcast) is no stranger to unusual formats, whether by location (tea rooms, al fresco), recording (Ambisonic) or delivery (wax cylinder). For August 2018 we added a new (or rather, old) delivery format, Sony MiniDisc. This isn't our first MiniDisc release, but it is our first MD-only one.


    CBC: Paraphernalia features @BigJackBrass and myself as we spend an hour and more discussing all manner of grognardian topics at Geek Retreat. Got an old MD player, or maybe you won one on Breakfast Club? Here's an excuse to dig it out of the attic/cellar/shoebox/shoggoth pit and listen to a "Disc-cast" like it's 1999...


    We were also delighted to see that the British Library took an interest in it too.


    The Cthulhu Breakfast Club: Paraphernalia


    "The first rule of Secret Cthulhu Breakfast Club is... order breakfast."
    CBC August 2018 Special Edition. A MiniDisc exclusive release.
    The MD features a 78 minute CBC meeting with Paul and Jon, recorded at Geek Retreat (Leeds). Produced in SP (Standard Play) format, suitable for any MiniDisc player.



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