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    CBC, Jul 2018: Grognardium


    The recording of the July 2018 meeting of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is out.


    It's another expedition beyond the realm of the Tea Rooms as the CBC visits Geek Retreat in Leeds (to see what all the fuss was about in News from Pnakotus).


    Join us for discussion of Geek Retreat, Games Shops (old and new) and a little bit of Element Zero: Grognardium, along with other sundry topics - of which there are a few.


    Available to Patrons and Breakfast Club supporters.



    We are now post-Patreon. Thanks to everyone who supported us over there.

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    • Travern
      Fortunately, all your favorites Mythos can be refurbed for urban horror and paranoia in the city that Lovecraft hated so much: Consider how easily the Mi-Go can be reconfigured for Donald Wollheim's classic short story "Mimic" (Archive.org reprint available) or Philip Kaufman's 1978 film remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The Ghoul activities in Boston illustrated in "Pickman's Model" can be relocated to Manhattan's subway system and Green-Wood Cemetery, and Ghouls themselves could insinuate themselves New York's crowds like werewolves, hunting in packs (c.f. Whitley Strieber's 1978 horror novel The Wolfen and its 1980 movie version). Deep One-hybrids could infiltrate the carnies of Coney Island's booming circuses—imagine them hiding in plain sight at the sideshows—or the dwindling fishing communities of Jamaica Bay, Rockaway, and Canarsie Point that were being pushed out by urbanization. The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, if you're feeling really adventurous, could be part of the arboreal setting in Central Park in Manhattan, worshipped by a centuries-old transplanted druid cult like the ones in either Robert Bloch's "Notebook Found in a Deserted House" or Karl Edward Wagner's "Sticks", based in the "Indian Cave".  Or perhaps they're graftage experiments conducted by mad horticulturalists at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx that have gone hideously wrong.
    • Roland9410
      🎇🎆"Annihilation."🎆🎇   Not only is it visually stunning, and the OST is perfect for any game of call; but the story is basically identical to "The Colour Out of Space.".
    • Roland9410
      Wow guys thanks for all the great responses!   My game is set in the back country east of the Hudson River, New York State 1921. We've got an interesting narrative going as this party (3/4) survived the dead light (Let all the people die). I had that scenario set the year prior 1920 in Massachusetts. Since then they have transplanted to Manhattan out of fear and other motives. There they have intertwined with another group of our ragtag surviving adventurers purely by circumstance.   Also Deep Ones have a special place in my heart after reading "The shadow over Innsmouth." so I have an air of nervousness about them as I want to do them great thrilling justice. Hence I have never used them yet lol.
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