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    Berlin: The Wicked City


    Out from Chaosium comes Berlin: The Wicked City, a Call of Cthulhu supplement set in the eponymous city during the 1920s.


    The volume contains an overview of Weimar Republic Berlin, guidelines on creating Investigators and details on notable characters as well as Investigator organisations. Weird elements of the Cthulhu Mythos are also present. Three scenarios are included (The Devil Eats FliesDances of Vice, Horror, and Ecstasy, and Schreckfilm) and a list of inspirational media for the setting is also provided.


    Chaosium have flagged this book as being for mature readers (and players), though it's unknown if there is an age-bar on purchase.


    The 272 book is available now in PDF from Chaosium's web site and DriveThruRPG.


    Source: https://www.chaosium.com/berlin-the-wicked-city-pdf

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    Damn you payday why are you so far away? this looks so awesome I really like this new exploration of varied settings and locations that Chaosium is exploring be it the Western trope with Down Darker Trails or the decadence of the Weimar Republic.

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    I'n about half way through the book and it's an absolute marvel. Great layout and some fine art. As the period is a big fave of mine I'd previously acquired a couple of extra books for background and they really aren't necessary (Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties and NSFW Voluptuous Panic).


    Wholeheartedly recommended for playing in Berlin rather than the now perhaps jaded North-East states of the US and for a very different feel to Prohibition and the surfeit of guns..

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