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  • Bayt al Azif #1


    Thought traditional RPG zines were dead? Not so. Out from Bayt al Azif comes the eponymous first issue of a new Cthulhu Mythos gaming magazine, courtesy of @JS113.


    Inside Bayt al Azif's 80 pages you'll find three scenarios (and a solo adventure), reviews, interviews (Rogue Cthulhu, Chris Spivey) history pieces, comics and more. You can pick up a copy (PDF and POD) via DriveThruRPG.


    With The Unspeakable Oath moving to a Patreon model, Bayt al Azif joins The Arkham Gazette as another traditional-style Cthulhu gaming magazine on the market.


    Bayt al Azif #1

    A magazine for Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying games


    Issue #1 includes:


    • 3 adventures dual-statted for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and Gumshoe (Trail of Cthulhu/The Fall of Delta Green ).
      • A group of teenagers must survive the night in an abandoned school (Modern Era).
      • A team of investigators must determine the truth behind a massacre of Vietnamese civilians by American soldiers (US-Vietnam War).
      • A band of secret agents must discover what has been smuggled into Damascus (Dark Ages).
    • 1 solo adventure set in the Miskatonic University library.
    • Tables for running random chases.
    • A overview of every Cthulhu mythos RPG release of 2017.
    • Classic Cthulhu RPG reviews.
    • Interviews with Rogue Cthulhu and Chris Spivey.
    • Advice, history, comics, and more...


    Price (USD): $6 (PDF), $10 (Print + PDF)


    Source: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/246851

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    Thanks Paul! Very excited to finally release this.



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    Ordered! Thanks for the link. :)

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    £7.80 in the UK, plus £4.36 postage. Seems a bit steep, but I'm a sucker for print zines and this one looks mighty fine. However the preview on DriveThru didn't work.

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    Thanks @Treme!


    Hi @GBSteve, I had some troubles getting the preview on DriveThru to work correctly when I uploaded the files, but it should be working now. Since their site uses flash, you might have to clear your cache and/or restart your browser.


    The price in pounds is roughly the same cost as the US$10 price based on the current exchange rates. I tried to make it comparable to the other Cthulhu magazines out there, where The Unspeakable Oath does 68 pages for US$15, and The Arkham Gazette does 120 pages for $20. The newest issue of White Dwarf is £6 and I think GW has a slightly bigger budget than us!

    Shipping is set by drivethrurpg, so I can't do anything about that, sorry!


    "Mighty fine" is what we were going for! I hope it lives up to that, please let me know what you think!

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    Hi @JS113. No problem with your cover price, that seems very fair. It's the postage I'm carping about. But I'm expecting mine to arrive tomorrow so I'm holding off looking at the pdf.

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  • Latest Forum Posts

    • daemonprinceofchaos
      I’ve had a lot of fun re-skinning “Standard” scenarios and linking them together.   For my Purple Haze campaign, I combined Mister Corbitt (Mansions of Madness), Heart of Darkness (6th Ed Rulebook) and Crimson Letter (7th Ed Rulebook.)   I’ll be referencing these scenarios so spoiler warning if you haven’t read them and apologizes if I reference something you don’t know about.   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Campaign was based around the Creatures From Beyond and the Ultraviolent Spectrum. Adding these creatures to each scenario wasn’t hard but linking the scenarios required a great deal of planning and note-taking.   The Overall Plot was that the Dark Brotherhood in Heart of Darkness was instead a group of students and professors who had come across some ancient Middle Eastern documents that explained how to build an electrical device (I based a lot of this on the Baghdad Battery) which would provide perpetual energy. Experimenting with this they hoped to achieve professional fame and fortune. However, the plans were actually to a Tillinghast Resonator that revealed to them the Beyond. This is what caused all the death and destruction in the house. Most people died but others fled including a Young Professor Leiter with the blueprints.   The campaign opened with Crimson Letters, everything was exactly the same with the exception that rather than copying a Witch Book Leiter made a copy of the Battery Blueprints. These blueprints were bid on by Abner Wick and Mr. Corbitt. Corbitt won and got the copy but Wick was angry and killed Leiter and stole the original. The players tracked down Wick, who had some spells in his house for the players to learn and was a man with an overdeveloped pineal gland rather than one with the Ghoul taint. They attacked him in his basement where he had a primitive Resonator set up and then got the blueprints as Abner fled.   While exploring Leiter's house for clues they found a box with all of the usual Heart of Darkness handouts. A deed to a house, a key, a journal of what the kids got up to. This scenario is basically just a location, there is no son trying to take control of the estate or dead lady who gets reanimated. The monster is instead a Resonate which connects to a battery in the roof and the basement. They encountered and killed Red Jake and then learned that the power turns on and off in random cycles. They got caught in the cycle and suffered badly as the creatures attacked. They survived by destroying the machine and using magic on the creatures from beyond.   Finally, they had to deal with Mr. Corbitt. They found out about him during their research into Leiter as a man who had some exchanged but Leiter's assistant told them he had been asking around. The investigators when to investigate him. This scenario was also basically turned into just a location with all of Corbitt’s personality and the house being the same but without the monster in the basement and body part stealing. One player went into to distract him while another snooped around back. The one in the back learned what he was up to, using Resonators as lamps for his strange plants, while the one talking to him got his tea poisoned. When a third player showed up to save the day he got his throat slashed (and lived) before Corbitt ran to his basement. Here he activated his proto-type generator and released a bunch of captives he’d been bombarding with Resonator Radiation for weeks. These captives were now hungry for brains like the From Beyond movie and it ended when the PC’s killed them all and Corbitt at the cost of some limbs.   One thing I will warn is that most “Standard” CoC scenarios have climaxes or monsters in a basement. This can become repetitive I would advise finding other places for things to happen. Outdoor sheds, attics and what not.
    • daemonprinceofchaos
      We often hear about how the creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos are hyperintelligent. With mental faculties far exceeding humans. Even the creatures who aren’t as intelligent as say the Great Race or the Elder things typically have intelligence on par with humans.   Yet often I see in scenarios, game stories or live plays that when the creatures fight the investigators, they do so by simply charging in and bashing them to pieces. Often the creature’s intelligence is only shown through its larger plot, whatever its long-standing goal may be, but is absent as soon as the investigators get in the same room as it.   This is something I’ve been trying to fix in my own scenarios and so I’ve had a few successes looking back. Once I had a creature that was trying to get the players to come to its lair, so it could eat them. It had access to a few spells including the Cause/Cure Blindness Spell. I fudged the magic point cost but it decided to use its power to blind two of the players any time they move away from it’s lair (A cave they were at the mouth of). Needless to say, it was a bit railroady but it put a lot of fear in them and they reacted very intensely. Most recently a team of heroes found themselves at the bottom of a well. They had fought and hurt a protoplasmic creature halfway down but learned only fire could damage it. As soon as they did it raced away up the well and covered the well by stretching itself over it. The players continued on lighting torches and getting as much fire as they could. But soon they realized that all of the smoke was collecting in the area and wasn’t able to escape because of the creature forcing them to fight it with a host of penalty dice. In another scenario my players encountered some Elder Things in their lab. Rather than initially fight them I had the Elder Things treat the investigators like one would an escaped lab animal. They pointed with their arms, gave the characters a lot of room and made gentle noises trying to get them into a particular holding area. The investigators were utterly befuddle and after several attempts the Elder Thing grabbed a hold of one player and tried to guide them in. When they fought back the Elder Things revealed their strength and hurt them as an example to the others.   I’m hoping to see if other people have had this problem or have solutions of their own.   If you have specific tactics for a particular monster let us know, or if you have generic tactics you think for other monsters let us know.   If you’ve had a particular incident of a monster using tactics in combat feel free to share.   Players feel free to hare an anecdote about a time you felt that a monster had you outmaneuvered.     
    • Danial
      I've given it a little thought, and I think the pooling of stats works pretty well. As @Merudo said, 3 average investigators would tally up to 4 Build, which means they'd each get a Bonus Die tackling a Ghast, and only a single Penalty Die each towards a Dark Young, but I think for the maneuver to work, it would require all 3 to succeed, which would keep the chances of success at a reasonable level. I don't want it being too easy. Thanks for the communal brainstorming, guys
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