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  • An Inner Darkness – Scenario Anthology Kickstarter


    Golden Goblin Press have launched a crowd funding campaign to create a new anthology of 1920s adventures for Call of Cthulhu.


    The Kickstarter for An Inner Darkness promises five to seven scenarios with a core theme where "Investigators battle against cosmic horrors while fighting for social justice..."


    Golden Goblin plans to present historically accurate and challenging adventures featuring mature themes, offering a "... darker, harsher and more brutal tone than our fans might be used to".


    Contributing authors include: Jeffrey Moeller, Brian Sammons, Helen Gould, Charles Gerard and Oscar Rios, with art by Rueben Dodd. The Kickstarter runs until 15th April and has an estimated delivery date of November 2019.


    Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/golden-goblin-press/an-inner-darkness-for-7th-edition-call-of-cthulhu/


    Note: This is a sponsored news item kindly supported by Golden Goblin Press.

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    Without reading it I'm not going to pass judgement on the content itself. I do however note the comment that started the thread by daemonprinceofchaos that the scenarios may not be being written with Keeper use-ability in mind. I will admit I follow a D & D review blog called tenfootpole and the guy who writes that has a major problem with scenarios that have been written as if they were stories to be read rather than something to play at the table. So I hope that the authors can avoid both that trap and many of the other traps that comes from writing in a climate where some people are one the constant lookout for 'wrongthink' of whatever stripe.

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    The RPG authors are writing scenarios.

    Our fiction writers are writing stories.

    We know the difference.

    We have two different production lines.


    Trust me, I've run A Family Way many times.

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    I'm excited to support this work.  I'm going to up my pledge now.

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    11 hours ago, Gol-Goroth said:

    trust me, I've run A Family Way many times.


    From your own blurb in the campaign... 'I wrote this scenario back in 2007, and have only run it a handful of times'


    I'll take your word for it. Look forward to reading the book. 

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