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    The Legacy of Arrius Lurco: Finalé


    Now released for Patrons of Yog-Sothoth is the final session of The Innsmouth House Players' adventures in antiquity with the gruelling conclusion to The Legacy of Arrius Lurco.


    How will the brave party fare in this Roman romp? Will they be victorious? Who will survive? What does eating your own body parts taste like?


    Find out all this and more...


    The first two sessions are on public release, the remaining are available to Yoggie patrons (along with extras). Why? Simply because patronage is how we're able to continue.


    Why not pull up a seat at the Yoggie table and join us in high quality 3D Surround Sound as we tackle a great evil of the ancient world.


    - and just what is Val up to in the final session?



    Welcome to the concluding episode of The Legacy of Arrius Lurco!


    Ave caesar!


    Legacy of Arrius Lurco trailer.

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    Lol morning, 



    She betrays you several times to the cult to get you bizarrely into the cult, she then killed some of you so she could get you into position to be resurrected later. The plan being you could now sneakily poison the cultists whilst they were celebrating your deaths.


    The others meanwhile were chained up in a small room filthy which led to some awesome scenes by the way. She then sends you to a trapdoor and then down into the maze before dramatically saying something along the lines of "Run, I will cover things up and buy you time"...and then kills herself? I always thought she was such a weird MacGuffin demanding money and murder before info dumping then disappearing before kinda doing the same again. I wonder what would happen if a group killed her when they meet her in that graveyard after she tells them she was once a cultist and wants them to murder a group of random people/ghouls. 


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    Ahhh, good times! 😉

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