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    Feed the Shoggoth! Card Game on Kickstarter


    If the name Badger McInnes sounds familiar to you it may be because over the past several years he's worked on the layout of more than a few Call of Cthulhu publications for Chaosium and other publishers, including the forthcoming Call of Cthulhu 7th edition rules.


    Badger also runs his own design company, Squamous Studios which has launched a Kickstarter crowd funding project for Feed the Shoggoth!, "A deliciously evil Lovecraftian card game". It's designed for 3-6 players and about 45 minutes play.


    If it's something you'd like to see a reality then you can support Badger's project via the Feed the Shoggoth! Kickstarter page.


    Feed the Shoggoth!

    Feed the Shoggoth! is a devious and fast-paced card game, in which players each control a different cult faction, facing a very angry and hungry Shoggoth in the middle of the table. Players earn points and win the game by sacrificing minions from their cult to the Shoggoth (bad news for Minions, but what do you expect when you join an evil cult?). However, the Shoggoth is indiscriminate in who he eats; if you can't feed the Shoggoth on your turn with a Minion, it eats you, and you're out of the game!


    (A Shoggoth, in case you don't know, is a large, amorphous blob of protoplasmic flesh, and the creation of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Capable of creating eyes, mouths, and pseudopods at will, a Shoggoth is an extremely powerful beast, not to be trifiled with. Unless you're an insane Cult Leader with delusions of grandeur, of course.)


    A comprehensive version of the rules is available.


    Feed the Shoggoth! Card Game on Kickstarter (Until 16th July, 2014.)



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