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    YSDC Games Day 2018

    By PoC, in News,

    Tickets are available for this year's YSDC Games Day (and Games Night) - Yoggie's annual games gathering in the historic heart of Yorkshire (a stone's throw from those dark and brooding moors). Come, join us for a day of Cthulhu gaming fun at the end of September!
    Games Night promises more entertainment and social activities, along with delightful food – well deserved after a hard day battling the Mythos. (Held at the same venue used by The Cthulhu Breakfast Club.) 
    Become part of a great social and gaming event and help foil more fiendish Mythos plots in our fifth year of YSDC Games Day...
    To mark our fifth year (though actually the 7th Games Day), we'll have prizes, giveaways and possibly the (very) odd quiz or two. It should be fun.
    YSDC Games Day 2018
    GAMES - "All Cthulhu, all the time..."!
    FRIENDS - meet up with old ones and make some new ones!
    FOOD - Helen's "Sanity Rolls" service returns, including bespoke sandwiches delivered to your games table along with a range of delicious and freshly baked goods to feast upon...
    Day event: 25 places, Evening event: 40 places.
    Pick up a Games Day Ticket and/or a Games Night Ticket.
    With June's site upgrade we are now able to accept credit cards and Apple/Google Pay as well as PayPal. What are you waiting for? 😉 This year marks the last year of general registration, from 2019 Games Day becomes a private event open to previous attendees - so if you've been thinking about it and not been before, now's the time...

    I highlighted Rats in the Walls back in March, however since then it's received more love and attention with the inclusion of new illustrations by Tithi Luadthong, and a few rules revisions (along with some good reviews).
    Rats in the Walls: A Roleplaying Game of Cosmic Horror by @AlexandreJ is a relatvely minimalist d6-based RPG rules set available in PDF from DriveThruRPG (with a print edition promised via Lulu). You can pick up the digital edition for about $6 USD.
    The art-free version is still available under "pay what you want".
    Be part of the discussion about this game in our forums.
    Rats in the Walls
    Rats in the Walls is a roleplaying game of cosmic horror, inspired by the writings of H.P Lovecraft (but it doesn't use HPL's Mythos).
    The game system is inspired by classics like Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Traveller and more recent titles like Maze Rats or Into the Odd. It uses 2D6 and only the players roll the dice so the GM can focus on the players' choices. The system is aimed at long-term play but works very well with one-shots as well. The default setting are the roaring '20s but an appendix allows you to create medieval characters. Grab a character sheet, 2D6, pick a profession and a reputation and go fight the Old Ones or die screaming.  
    This is the revised, fully illustrated edition.
    Source: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/246243/Rats-in-the-Walls

    As a result of GDPR we signed off over 18,000 accounts from our old newsletter sign-ups, and now it's time to rebuild.
    We've had a Patrons' newsletter (The Innsmouth Inquirer) for some years, but with this fresh start I thought it might be nice to also begin a new general circulation email sheet - "Yog-Sothothery".
    Yog-Sothothery will be an approximately monthly missive featuring a variety of Cthulhu/Lovecraftian/YSDC news (and perhaps a bit more). If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter, simply be logged in and find the sign-up box on the right hand side of the forum or [Activity] pages. (If you can't see such a box it means you've already sign up.)
    To make the launch a bit more of an occasion we'll be giving away, courtesy of Pelgrane Press, a rather handsome copy of The Fall of Delta Green to one lucky newsletter subscriber. Unsubscribing is easy at any time (controlled though your YSDC notification settings) but we promise not to overfill your inbox and hopefully you may find the contents (featuring our independent view) both entertaining and interesting.
    The first issue of Yog-Sothothery should go out next week (commencing 9th July), and is only available through newsletter subscription, so don't miss it! 🙂

    Chaosium have released their new premium, revised and expanded edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep, for use with both the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu rules sets. Almost 35 years after its original release the classic globe-trotting campaign of Mythos investigation has been transformed from the original 140+ page boxed set to a 660+ page full colour twin volume slipcased edition (with extras).
    The PDF version is out now, with the print edition to follow 2-3 months later (as usual). It's been almost a year since Chaosium announced an updated Masks (see the thread on YSDC that follows that journey) and now you can pick up the digital version today for $60 USD which promises a wealth of gaming material to pore over and play.
    We'll be delving further into this new version of Masks in the next News from Pnakotus, as Marty Jopson talks about his copy. Meanwhile read Marty's initial thoughts on the new edition.
    If you've missed it, I should also mention that the HPLHS are working on a set of deluxe game props for this new edition, as well as an audio drama adaptation (and Syrinscape on environmental audio support). There's a lot to get stuck into with the new Masks of Nyarlathotep.
    Masks of Nyarlathotep 2018
    Dark Schemes Herald the End of the World
    The new edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep is a complete revision and updating of this epic multi-part campaign set in 1925, in which steadfast investigators must unravel secrets and battle the minions of darkness in an attempt to stop world-shattering events from destroying humanity. Masks of Nyarlathotep has been comprehensively revised and updated for use with Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, but may also be run with the Pulp Cthulhu supplement. Global campaign covering seven countries in five continents. Packed with encounters, side-track adventures, detailed adversaries, geographical information, and more. Presented in full colour, with new artwork, maps and floor plans, and ready to use player handouts. Appendices collect spells, tomes, artefacts, and travel advice (see below).  
    Travel – detailing travel times across the world, means of transport, rest and recuperation for travelling investigators, travel events, and also guidance for Investigators wishing to learn new skills and improve existing ones. Spells – collects campaign-important spells together for handy reference, with over 30 spells detailed. Including Call the Black Sphinx, the Seal of Nephren-Ka, and the Ward of Anubis. Tomes – during their investigations the Investigators may come across a wide range of Mythos tomes. This appendix gathers all of the tomes encountered in the campaign, with over 20 detailed listings, each providing background for the tome, the lore within, and relevance to the campaign's plot. Artefacts – just as there are numerous tomes to be discovered, there are also plenty of strange artefacts to be found (some useful, some deadly). Here, fifteen artefacts are gathered, from the Mask of Hayama to the Headdress of Eyes, from the Adornments of Nitocris to the Device of Rods, Wheels, and Mirrors.   
    6-page Keeper Screen you can print out to fit over your existing Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen. 12-page NPC Portraits pack with 105 portraits. 85-page Keeper Reference Booklet. 96-page Handout Booklet with Maps and Pre-generated Characters. High-resolution images of the covers by Sam Lamont and Rhys Pugh. 10 Pre-Generated Characters with Character and Background Sheets.  
    Price: $60 USD (PDF)
    For more information see: https://www.chaosium.com/masks-of-nyarlathotep-pdf-1


    The Fall of Delta Green

    By PoC, in News,

    The Fall of Delta Green from Pelgrane Press adapts Arc Dream's Delta Green RPG to Pelgrane's own Gumshoe system, with Kenneth Hite creating a work focusing on the Delta Green of the 1960s leading to the official dissolution of the organisation at the end of the decade, following the fateful events in the jungles of Indochina.
    Curious? There's a sampler available (PDF, 37 MB) as well as free downloadable Character and Handler sheets on Pelgrane's web site, along with a Development Diary by Ken and a spotlight on Ghouls in The Fall of Delta Green.
    The Fall of Delta Green also highlights that increasingly tricky problem of when something is actually "out". When it's available in PDF to KS backers (January), in PDF to sell or general print retail? (US early/UK late June) It becomes difficult to determine when something is suitable for reporting as "news". As such these days it's probably better to think of Yoggie's Front Page as providing a highlight/feature point (like our podcasts) rather than up to the minute breaking information (though it can still do that). The quickest and most responsive methods today remain our forums and Twitter feed. We adapt to a changing world (as we've done for 20 years) – thank you for sticking with us.
    The Fall of Delta Green
    It is the 1960s. The stars are coming right.
    The United States declares war on poverty and sends half a million troops to Indochina; desegregates voting booths and shoots rockets at the moon. Everyone believes that if we put our mind to it and our backs into it, there's nothing we can't do to make the world better, for America and everyone else.   You know that this is a lie. You are an Agent of Delta Green, an authorised but unacknowledged black program of the United States national security establishment, tasked to hunt and destroy the Cthulhu Mythos. You know that plans and ideals, peace and love, matter less than a single atom drifting in the galaxy. All you can do is rage against doom, burn out your mind and body, and damn your nonexistent soul keeping your family, your country, your planet, ignorant and safe for one more day.   Written by Kenneth Hite, The Fall of Delta Green core book adapts Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game from Arc Dream Publishing to the Gumshoe system. It opens the files on a lost decade of anti-Mythos operations both foreign and domestic, the last days of Delta Green before the Joint Chiefs shut the program down in 1970.   Players take on the role of Delta Green operatives, assets, and friendlies, in deadly one-shot adventures or a campaign spanning the years from hope to madness. Hunt Deep Ones beneath the Atlantic, shut down dangerous artists in San Francisco, and delve into the heart of Vietnam's darkness.   The Fall of Delta Green features:   Lethal combat and covert action in the 1960s, featuring assault rifles, flamethrowers, mortar shells, spy cameras, truth drugs, and getting rid of the bodies Delta Green operations always seem to leave behind. "Back in the World" vignettes that let you explore the human side of your Agent's life – and often track their slow destruction by Delta Green. The rich world of the Delta Green Mythos, including a gazetteer of unnatural lands, the desperate truth of Hastur, and period takes on the top-secret MAJESTIC program, the Nazi Karotechia, the alien Greys, and the decadent Cult of Transcendence. Detailed advice for making mysteries, magics, monsters, and Delta Green operations. Interoperability with Night's Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu, and The Esoterrorists: Use your favourite Gumshoe rules to battle the unnatural in the 1960s!   The decade begins in sunny optimism, and ends in nighted disaster in the jungles of Indochina.   After the summer of the 1950s, now comes the fall – the Fall of Delta Green.   Format: 368-page, two full-colour, smythe-sewn hardback Price: £39.95   Source: http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/the-fall-of-delta-green/


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