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Original & Obscure Deities/Monsters Contribution Thread

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Updated the Giant Monitor slightly. Here's another monster:


Kyton (D&D Conversion)


STR 2D6+6 (13)

CON 2D6+6 (13)

SIZ 2D6+6 (13)

INT 1D6+3 (6-7)

POW 2D6+6 (13)

DEX 2D6+6 (13)

Move 8

HP 13

Av. Damage Bonus +1D4

Weapons: Barbed Chains 30% (damage 1D6, two attacks)

Armor: 4 points chains. Immune to fire. Regenerates 1 HP per round.

Spells: Usually none.

Sanity: 0/1D6 Sanity points to see a kyton.


A kyton appears as a powerful human-like figure wrapped in chains. Wicked hooks and barbs depend from many of these chains, clanking and clattering restlessly as the creature moves. The skin is dark gray and hairless, and the eyes glow with a white light that is pale and sickly. Kytons dwell in a dimension of darkness, distortion, and horrifying events drawn from the fears and nightmares of rare visitors. Certain midieval sorcerers knew how to summon the kytons forth from this realm. It is also possible that a spell to summon and bind these creatures existed in Wenn's "True Magic".


A kyton gets two chain attacks per round, reaching targets out to 3 yards away. The barbed chains do not inflict normal impaling damage. However, an impaling result does cause the weapon to become lodged in the victim's flesh. The kyton needs to make a normal chain attack skill roll in order to pull the weapon free, and each attempt (succesful or not) inflicts an additional 1D3 damage on the victim. Only a succesful medicine roll can remove a barb without inflicting this additional damage.


Dancing Chains: By expending a single magic point per chain each round, a kyton can animate up to four chains within 6 yards of itself and use them to attack as effectively as if they were wielded by the Kyton itself. These chain attacks replace the kyton's normal attacks. The chains will lengthen as necessary (up to 5 yards) and sprout whatever barbs, hooks, or points of attachment are necessary in order to carry out thier deadly work. They can be directed against a single target or seperate targets, as the kyton desires. Once the kyton is through with them, they become ordinary chains again. A chain that is in the possession of a character cannot be animated unless the kyton wins a POW vs. POW roll against that character.


Unnerving Gaze: By gazing into a chosen target's eyes and overcoming his POW with its own on the resistance table, a Kyton steals 3 magic points from the victim. These points are immediately used by the kyton to create the illusion that its face has become that of the target's most cherished loved one or most fearsome enemy. As a result, the victim will be unable to act against the kyton for 1D4 rounds unless the kyton attacks him first within that time span.

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Maurezhi (D&D Conversion)


Note: A maurezhi's statistics are identical to those of a ghoul, with the exceptions noted below.


A maurezhi is a ghoul that grows in knowledge and power with each fresh human corpse upon which it feasts. On rare occasions, Nyarlethotep grants this ability to one of his faithful among the ghouls following a special ceremony. This usually results in a string of baffling deaths and disappearances as the maurezhi sets out to expand its capabilities. Sometimes the maurezhi is tasked with specific missions of infiltration. Its ability to imitate its victims makes it well suited for this role.


All maurezhi know the Consume Likeness spell. In addition to that spell's normal effects, a maurezhi can acquire certain additional benefits whenever it devours a fresh corpse under the conditions laid out in the Consume Likeness spell description.


Consume Characteristics: With each grisly feast, the maurezhi can permanently increases two of its characteristic scores by one point each. The characteristics increased will always be those in which the subject had the highest scores (if the subject had the same high score in several characteristics, the Maurezhi may choose from amongst them). This ability cannot advance a characteristic beyond normal ghoul maximums (24 strength, or 18 in any other characteristic). Once a characteristic score is maxed out, points which a maurezhi would normally be able to allocate to it are simply lost.


Consume Knowledge: The maurezhi also acquires knowledge and memories as it devour's a subject's fresh, glistening brain. It may later use this knowledge to help it better imitate the subject. Any skill which the subject possessed at 25% or higher is transferred to the Maurezhi at 1/5 its previous value (round up). Newly acquired percentiles in an existing skill are added on to old values rather than replacing them. The muarezhi gains a basic familiarity with all of a subject's family, friends, enemies, and contacts. More specific and sophisticated knowledge may require an Idea roll for the maurezhi to access. On the rare occasion where a maurezhi devours a spellcaster, it may attempt an Idea roll in order to aquire a single magic spell from the subject's repertoire (1D4 spells if it "impales" with this roll).

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Avatar of Azathoth (from Thomas Ligotti's story of the same title)


STR Special

CON 350

SIZ Variable


POW 100

DEX 18

Damage Bonus: N/A

Weapons: Limb 100% (damage variable; 1D10-1D100 or transformation or grapple)

-Note for Weapons: Depending on size and shape of limb. Roll D8 for shape:

1 Tentacle, vine, veinous tendril

2 Claw (reptilian, amphibian, etc.)

3 Fin, wing

4 Claw (mammalian)

5 Pseudopod

6 Arthropod leg

7 Non-arthropod leg

8 Toothy limb

And D10, each representing 1 point of SIZ.

Armor: Only damaged by magical attacks.

Spells: N/A

Sanity: 1D3/1D10 to dream of the Nethescurial deity; 1D10/1D100 to see it in person.


More to come....

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This is a most entertaining thread.It is a pity that it seems to have run out of steam.Whoever suggested the thread deserves a medal (of an appropriately monstrous design)! :8E: :D

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Ghoth the Burrower

Another necropost, but I agree, this thread is really exciting. Have you got other "original" Great Old Ones?


Personally I am working on a uchronic comics fiction dealing with Cthulhu Mythos and also involving original Great Old Ones of my own. Perhaps I could share with you some "teaser" and display some pictures I have done so far, if you like. I'm sure your suggestions and eventual criticism will be useful.


I am a new fan of Cthulhu Mythos and its facets and confronting with experts of this "dark matter" - what a pun - will surely help.




If this reply does not fit with the thread, feel free to shift it elsewhere.

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Just found this thread. Its awesome, and I can assure you some of these critters WILL be appearing in Malleus Monstrorum 2 (and some of them already were).

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Ghoth the Burrower



I would like to contribute this thread reporting some Mythos entities I have found in Nightscapes online magazine and elsewhere. It would be nice to see them in forthcoming Malleus Monstrorum 2, I hope this may be useful:


1) Xalafu - The Dread One from Peter Levi "Life and Death of Zebros Santiago". It appears as a titanic, bubble-shaped, alien mass of dark hues (from blue, violet to green) and in the middle of the horrible bulk opens wide a great, single eye. It is related to South American (Chile and Columbia) wicked cults practicing human sacrifices.


2) Hnarqu – from Peter F. Guenther “Tentacles” and “Necromancer’s Legacy”. A gigantic, tentacled horror, similar to a titanic sea-anemone, with very long tentacles and a wide mouth covered in sharp teeth. In some of the mythology he shares the same parents as Cthulhu, though he's a radically different being, but it has got nearly the same power of Cthulhu. It is imprisoned by 6 seals located in circle from North America to Western Europe and North Africa. A peculiar magnetic field is required to break him free and that field may be created by a peculiar virus attacking all the computers of the aforementioned areas.


3) Kaalut – from J.B. Lee “Genuine Article” and “His Hour Upon the Stage”. It appears as a gigantic, insectoid, larva-like monstrosity, dwelling on the distant planet K’gil’mnon, a world hosting a vast lake of ammonia (probablly its home) and orbiting a dying star. It is served by the Gharoide, larva-like creepers with three eyes, antennae and a proboscis-like protrusion they employ to parasitize living victims till death.


4) Rokon – from James Ambuehl “The Snake God of Shonhi”. It is the brother of Yig and rules over the parallel dimension of Zandanua, where once also Yig lived. No further description but I assume it has got to have similar look.


5) H’chtelegoth – The Great Tentacled God from R.S. Cartwright “The Stranger and H’chtelegoth”. It appears as a gigantic mass with a round head covered in tentacles, with (possibly multiple) eyes beneath this “crown” and additional appendages along a greenish, trunk-like body. In the story it is Nyarlathotep to summon it but a mysterious albino stranger with immense power (an Elder God?) prevents him to bring H’chtelegoth to our world. It may be related to Shub-Niggurath.


6) Cthaeghya – Another sibling of Cthulhu, introduced in Kevin L. O’Brien “October Surprise”. She is not described but is labeled as “the Black Wh***”. Originally she was barren but Cthulhu raped her employing even his own flesh to seed her. She spawned the Star-Spawn of Cthulhu (or Xothians or Chthuli). The same story provides some interesting new kinships between Cthulhu and Tsathoggua’s family, though it assumes Cxaxukluth as Cthulhu’s androgynous father, whereas it is Nug and Yeb actual parents of his. Nevertheless some school of thoughts make Cxaxukluth coincide with one of the twin spawn of Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath…This is just a great idea of Kevin L'. O'Brien but I am detecting in the name ...a suspicious "blend" between the names Cthulhu and Cyaegha...


7) Klosmiebhyx – From the same story, she is the mate of Tsathoggua’s uncle Hziulquoigmnzhah and sister of Zstylzhemghi. I assume she is a Zstylszhemghi’s look-alike, she bore him two daughters who fled with him to Cykranosh: Ysbadadden and Scathach.


8 ) Ob’mbu the Shatterer – Cjearkham already reported this entity from Joseph S. Pulver “Nightmare Disciple” and I have got some details about this “guy”. It is a half-reptilian, half-giraffe gigantic monster (I immediately think to a Brontosaur, but also to a Mnomquah-like creeper), once living in Africa.


9) Xu’bea – The Dark Teeth of the Plains of Mwaalba. So does this one feature in “Nightmare Disciple” but is not described. The few I know is that it once ruled over a lost city in Sahara known as Ln’ranja. As fond of natural science and paleontology, I think to the “Green Sahara” of Pleistocene-early Holocene, could it fit?


10) Rynvik – Also this entity features in “Nightmare Disciple”, being the first “Norse” Great Old One. It is not described but it is known to dwell in a crimson pool in the Hall of Tyaryar along with its concubines and its three sons. The only mentioned of its spawn is Ult, nothing more. It is unclear whether Rynvik is related to Cthulhu or is the mate of Kassogtha.


11) Nycrama – The Zombifying Essence. A peculiar dude featuring in John W. Patterson “Priestess of Nycrama”. It appears to be a degenerate Elder God (personal note) which transformed into a gigantic horrible mass, both slug, both larva, both macrophage, able to extrude hundreds of tentacled tendrils employed to suck life and soul to its human victims. It dwells in a parallel jungle dimension that can be reached through a “travel stone” in the sacred place of Neblina-tepui, in Venezuela and after a peculiar ritual involving drug-induced hypnosis.


12) Zyhum̩ РThe Androgyne Animal Archetype. It is the father of the Outer Goddess Yhoundeh, appearing as a round, vaguely elk-like amorphous entity, perhaps androgynous. According to me there could be some kinship with Ubbo-Sathla...More info at Eldritchdark: http://www.eldritchdark.com/writings/correspondence/59/from-clark-ashton-smith-to-robert-barlow-(1934-09-10)





Another thing which previous Malleus Monstrorum did not report: the Great Old One Ut’Ulls-Hr’ehr is the daughter of Shub-Niggurath. “Nightmare Disciple” says. And the Outer God(dess) E’tolvu is said to protect the Cthulhu’s sister Kassogtha.


There are also other entities I would eventually report in further thread bumps.

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The Wolf-Thing, The Stalker in the Snows, He Who Hunts, Na-girt-a-lu

Great Old One

A ferocious and towering wolf-like humanoid with bat wings. He is served by werewolf servants known as the Lupine Ones.




The Thousand-Faced Moon

Great Old One

Mormo appears in many forms, but three are most common: as a mocking vampiric maiden, as a tentacle-haired gorgon, or as a hunched toad-like albino with a mass of feelers instead of a face. This last is the form of her servitors, the Moon-beasts.


A moon-beast is a “great greyish-white slippery things which could expand and contract at will, and whose principal shape — though it often changed — was that of a sort of toad without any eyes, but with a curious vibrating mass of short pink tentacles on the end of its blunt, vague snout†(The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Lovecraft). They live on the dark side of the Dreamlands' moon which, unlike the moon of the waking world, has great forests and oily seas.

The moon-beasts sail black galleys between the moon and the Dreamlands, trading rubies for slaves and gold at the port of Dylath-Leen. When there, they employ the Men of Leng, disguised in turbans, as their go-betweens and stay hidden below deck, lest the merchants of Dylath-Leen learn the terrible secret of with whom they are dealing.


Nameless Rock:

The moon-beasts have a permanent settlement at the Nameless Rock, a jagged granite island near Inganok in the Cerenerian Sea. Slaves are sometimes brought here for unguessable reasons. The Nameless Rock is superstitiously avoided by passing ships because of the strange howls sometimes heard there at night.



In The Doom that Came to Sarnath the inhabitants of the destroyed city of Ib are said to have come from the moon and their voicelessness and shape makes it likely that they are either moon-beasts or in some way kin to them.



Pharol the Black

Great Old One

A black, fanged, cycloptic demon with arms like swaying serpents.The entity normally dwells in another dimension—a "seething and sub-dimensional chaos" beyond the mundane universe.The wizard Eibon of Hyperborea sometimes summoned Pharol to query him for arcane information.


Chaugnar Faugn

Horror from the Hills, The Feeder, Caug-Narfagn

Great Old One


"Some were the figures of well-known myth — gorgons, chimaeras, dragons, cyclops, and all their shuddersome congeners. Others were drawn from darker and more furtively whispered cycles of subterranean legend — black, formless Tsathoggua, many-tentacled Cthulhu, proboscidian Chaugnar Faugn, and other rumoured blasphemies from forbidden books like the Necronomicon, the Book of Eibon, or the Unaussprechlichen Kulten of von Junzt."

—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Horror in the Museum"


Chaugnar Faugn (The Elephant God, The Horror from the Hills) was created by Frank Belknap Long and first appeared in his novel The Horror from the Hills (1931).

Chaugnar Faugn (or Chaugnar Faughn) appears as a horribly grotesque idol, made of an unknown element, combining the worst aspects of octopus, elephant, and human being. When Chaugnar Faugn hungers, it can move incredibly quickly for its size and use its lamprey-like "trunk" to drain the blood from any organism it encounters.

Chaugnar Faugn came to the Earth from another dimension eons ago, possibly in a form other than the one it later assumed. Upon arriving, he found the dominant lifeform to be only simple amphibians. From these creatures, he created the Miri Nigri to be his servitors. The Miri Nigri would later mate with early humans to produce hybrids that would eventually evolve into the horrid Tcho-Tcho people.


Amphibious humanoids created by Chaugnar Faugn. Ancient Progenitors of the Tcho-tcho people.


Tcho-Tcho - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tcho-Tcho

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Ghoth the Burrower


The Thousand-Faced Moon

Great Old One

Mormo appears in many forms, but three are most common: as a mocking vampiric maiden, as a tentacle-haired gorgon, or as a hunched toad-like albino with a mass of feelers instead of a face. This last is the form of her servitors, the Moon-beasts.


Nice one. I was going to add that one.


Merry New Year to all Yog-Sothoth Forum Users.


A little present to conclude 2011.



The White-God

Outer God?

An entity worshiped by the Xiclotlans and awed by the Shans: a white orb hiding an enormous magenta excrescence, like an orchid or a lamprey mouth with emerald tentacles tipped with hands of emerging from the mass. From "Shadows Over Filmland".


Etepsed Egnis

Great Old One

A hideous octopoid being with gigantic, outstretched and clawed arm. He is the archenemy of Cthulhu for the control of the Great Old Ones. From Desmond Francis Lewis "Etepsed Egnis".



Unique Entity (I suppose)

A powerful female entity of dementia and visions, jealous of Cthulhu’s dreams and influence. From Jim Lynch's "Eyes That Should Not See", chapter from Chaosium CoC "Halloween Horror" (2005).

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. :D


Here's another few:



The Cold Flame, Lord of the Pole

Great Old One

Aphoom-Zhah appears as a vast, cold, grey flame that freezes whatever it touches. The being came to Earth from the star Fomalhaut, briefly visiting the planet Yaksh (Neptune) before taking up residence in Mount Yarak, a legendary mountain atop the North Pole. When the Elder Gods tried to imprison him beneath the pole, Aphoom-Zhah erupted with such fury that he froze the lands around him. Aphoom-Zhah is believed to be responsible for the glaciation that eventually overwhelmed Hyperborea, Zobna, and Lomar. Aphoom-Zhah likely spawned Gnoph-Keh, Rhan-Tegoth, and Voorm. Though no human cult worships this being, Aphoom-Zhah is revered by the Gnophkeh, the Voormi and his own race of minions; the spectral Ylidheem.


The Gnophkehs:

The Gnophkehs are a fictional race in the Cthulhu Mythos. They are humanoid cannibals described as being covered in coarse, matted hair with large protruding ears and proboscidean noses. They originally lived in Hyperborea (present-day Greenland) and worshiped the Great Old One Rhan-Tegoth, but Rhan-Tegoth eventually forgot them when he entered a stone-like hibernation state. They were invaded and driven to the land of Lomar by the Tsathoggua-worshipping Voormis.


Later on they were again invaded by humans from Zobna and driven even further up north. It was there that Ithaqua, the wind-walker, appeared, to whom the Gnophkhehs transferred their allegiance. They started to harass the Voormis again as they grew in power contributing to the demise of the Voormis civilization. The Gnophkehs in Lomar were eventually destroyed when Ithaqua and Aphoom-Zhah brought about the Ice Age along with the remnants of the Voormis in Hyperborea and the human civilization in Zobna.



Often confused with the humanoid Gnophkehs, the Gnoph-keh refers to a fictional species of non-humans that once dwelt in Hyperborea. They are violent, hairy, demonic entities, with an affinity for cold, ice and snow. Artwork portrays them as similar to very large six-legged polar bears, with a narwhal-like horn. Their existence is entwined with the humanoid Gnophkehs who worshiped them as totemic mediators with Ithaqua.



The Windwalker, The Wendigo

Great Old One

Ithaqua appears as a horrifying giant with a roughly human shape and glowing red eyes. He has been reported from as far north as the Arctic to the Sub-Arctic, where Native Americans first encountered him. He prowls the Arctic waste, hunting down unwary travelers and slaying them gruesomely. He is believed to have inspired the Native American legend of the Wendigo and possibly the Yeti.

Ithaqua's cult is small, but he is greatly feared in the far north. Fearful denizens of Siberia and Alaska often leave sacrifices for Ithaqua—not as worship but as appeasement. Those who join his cult will gain the ability to be completely unaffected by cold. He often uses Shantaks, a dragon-like "lesser race", as servitors. A race of subhuman cannibals, the Gnophkehs, also worshiped him, along with Rhan-Tegoth and Aphoom-Zhah.



Terror of the Hominids, He of the Ivory Throne

Great Old One

A three-eyed, gilled, proboscidian monster with a globular torso, six long, sinuous limbs ending in black paws with crab-like claws, and covered in what appears to be hair, but is actually tiny tentacles.

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Ghoth the Burrower

Excuse me, but... aren't these already known entities of the Mythos? I thought this thread was reserved to rare either original entities.

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. :D



Terror of the Hominids, He of the Ivory Throne

Great Old One

A three-eyed, gilled, proboscidian monster with a globular torso, six long, sinuous limbs ending in black paws with crab-like claws, and covered in what appears to be hair, but is actually tiny tentacles.


Rhan-Tegoth is my new favorite great old one, starting or resurrecting a thread dedicated to Its fandom.


A taste!



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Excuse me, but... aren't these already known entities of the Mythos? I thought this thread was reserved to rare either original entities.


Sorry, I'm new to Lovecraft and I'd never heard of any of them. :(

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Ghoth the Burrower
Sorry, I'm new to Lovecraft and I'd never heard of any of them. :(


Nevermind. I just wanted to make it clear. However you've added Mormo that's featuring as Great Old One in Kenneth Hite's "Trail of Cthulhu". That's a nice find.

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Ghoth the Burrower

More entities. Asterisk (*) marks those unnamed ones for which I have provided an original name.



XASTUR (Avatar of Hastur)


I was laying in bed when a woman crawled up onto me. She was naked, but wore a golden headpiece with a veil. Her skin was a sickly yellow, as though she were jaundiced. […] I lifted a hand, pulling at her veil. But she had no face. It was only a yellow blur.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Flash Frame.


Xastur is an avatar of Hastur, manifesting as a blonde lady with disturbingly yellow skin and whose face is covered with a veil.


CULT: Xastur was worshiped in Hyperborean times, but nowadays has an active human cults involving ritual of sexual promiscuity.


XASTUR, The Lady in Yellow


STR 38 CON 100 SI 15 INT 45 POW37

DEX 30 Move 20 or at will


Damage Bonus: +1D6

Weapons: Dance POW against POW roll on Resistance Table, damage 1D6 per raound of attack.

Sanity Loss: 1D3/1D10 Sanity points to see Xastur.


H’RHB-H’STLL* (Great Old One)


Describing it was hard. Branches looked more like ropy rat tails, and its leaves were black pussy bulbs sprouting amongst lumpy growths, reminding him of infected pimples ready to burst. At the base it seemed to have three trunks, diverging at its main trunk thus forming a tripod giving it the impression that it was squatting on the natural stone. If it had roots as it must, Brian didn’t know where they were buried, for the rock beneath it seemed solid.

David Conyers –Five Sisters.


H’rhb-H’stll is an arboreal Great Old One related to Shub-Niggurath which thrives in a desolate spot of Australian Desert.


ATTACKS & SPECIAL EFFECTS: H’rhb-H’stll may lash out with pseudopods at all within a 50 yard radius. Those struck are smashed to pulp by the Great Old One.


H’rhb-H’stll, The Shaping Tree


STR50 CON 70 SIZ 100 INT 18 POW65

DEX10 Move 5


Weapon: Smash 80%



MIIVLS & VN’VLOT (Great Old Ones)


[...] and my favorite, Miivls the Black Madness, and Vn'vlot the Annihilation of Light. They warred against each other for possessiion of the southwestern side of the tip of Gondwanaland. That's some old continent. They're imprisoned together in the Great Nebula of Orion. The two warriors were condemned to fight an eternal war against each other.

Joseph S. Pulver – Nightmare’s Disciple.


Miivls and Vn’vlot are twin Great Old Ones, brooded by Ubbo-Sathla in Mesozoic Era as attendants of Cthulhu and His Spawn. They are virtually indistinguishable, both ravenous, polypous dark masses, the former with darker hue than the latter. They served Cthulhu and the Star-Spawn but at certain point rivalry aroused between the siblings for the control of a focal point of Gondwana’s landmass, in located in its southwestern tip. In the brawl the twins brought widespread wastes. The Toarcian Anoxic Event of lower Cretaceous could be one of the damages brought by Miivls and Vn’vlot’s struggle. Eventually the twin Old Ones have been struck by the Elder Gods and exiled from ancient Earth by mysterious means. They have been imprisoned in a stellar field where currently lies the Great Orion Nebula.


CULT: Miivls & Vn’vlot have no active human cults, but likely they have had some cult centre amongst Serpent People.


MIIVLS & VN’VLOT, The Black Madness & The Annihilation of Light


STR100 CON80 SIZ 180 INT 50 POW38

DEX27 Move 20 stride / 50 fly / 8 swim


Weapons: Tentacle 80%, Screech 20%

Damage Bonus: +11D6

Sanity Loss: 1D6/1D20 Sanity points each to see Miivls & Vn’vlot.


ALUR TSAGH* (Great Old One)


Roverton had noticed a change in the waters, an odd glimmer that came from beneath their surface as if a drowned moon were rising within them. Then the dead calm of the pool was broken with a million spreading ripples, and a vast head, dripping with loathsome luminescence, upreared from the waters. The thing was seven or eight feet wide, it was hideously round and formless and seemed to consist mainly of gaping mouths and glaring eyes all strewn together in a mad chaos of malignity and horror. There were at least five mouths, each of them large enough to devour a man at one swallow. They were fangless, and elastically distensible. Scattered among them, the eyes burned like satanic embers.

Clark Ashton Smith – Marooned in Andromeda.


Alur-Tsagh is the offshoot of some lesser Outer God settled in an extrasolar planet orbiting the giant star Delta Andromedae. The thing dwells in the bottom of a canyon, beneath murky waters where hides lurking.


CULT: Alur-Tsagh is revered by the Andromedan Pygmies, whose they sacrifice themselves or unaware members of space-faring alien races.


ATTACKS & SPECIAL EFFECTS: Alur-Tsagh may attack all within 120 yards with its expandable tentacles. When struck by a tentacle, a victim is either crushed or held and drawn into the Great Old One’s body where 3D10 of its many mouths bite.


ALUR TSAGH, God of the Andromedans


STR100 CON80 SIZ 160 INT 30 POW35

DEX25 Move 6


Damage Bonus +9D6

Weapon: Tentacle 50%, damage 8D6 OR Grapple. Bite automatic when Grappled, damage 3D10 per mouth.


Sanity Loss: 1D6/1D20 Sanity points to see Alur Tsagh.


THE CHASMAL CREATURES* (Lesser Servitor Race)


The figure leaned forward, and my blood froze with dread. Nothing in my worst nightmares could conjure the horror that revealed itself. The thing had a stunted body, its skin mottled and pale in the dimming light. Two snake-like arms ended in long fleshy fingers, one set clutching a slippery length of intestine. Its face was a nightmare of waving tendrils and a short, thick trunk in place of a mouth. Four black orbs along its wide forehead resembled shark’s eyes. We faced each other for an indecisive moment until it lifted its trunk, revealing a circle of jagged bloody teeth. The sound it produced was unnerving, a high-pitched chitter. Then it lunged.

Bruce Durham – The Crane Horror.


The Chasmal Creatures are a hideous race of mutants created by Cthulhu at the very beginning of Paleozoic times with the aid of Chaugnar-Faugn and Dagon. These creatures have been modeled in the fashion of early Cambrian lifeforms and spend their lives as zealous servitors of Cthulhu and Dagon. They lie dormant in various oceanic trenches but have a focal point in Anticosti Island, located beyond the St. Lawrence river, where a temple sacred to Dagon has been built in unmemorable times.


THE CHASMAL CREATURES, Paleozoic Humanoids


STR 4D6+6 CON 3D6+6 SIZ 3D6+6 INT 2D6+6 POW 3D6 10-11

DEX3D6 10-11 Move 8/10 swimming

Weapons: Grapple 35%, damage special Bite 40%, damage 1D3, Blood Sucker 80% after Grapple & Bite, damage 1 hit point


Skills: Listen 30% Spot Hidden 25%

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 Sanity points to see a Chasmal Creature per round.



Coming soon Narrathoth the Forgotten, an unnamed Great Old One of Joseph Payne Brennan (not the Feaster from the Stars, nope...) and other ...pleasant ones.

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Ghoth the Burrower

New entries:



H’CHTELEGOTH (Great Old One)


Rising from inside the ring were a multitude of writhing tentacles, each tentacle sixty to seventy feet in length. Then the round bulbous, funnel-like head of the monster appeared above the ring, the writhing tentacles attached to the outer ring of the great head. Encircling the outer ring of the head were thousands of cilia-like filaments, each at least five feet long, which were weaving in the wind. And spaced between the tentacles were appendages or stocks of some sort, each one sporting an eye at their outer extremity. Still H’chtelegoth continued to rise from the ring, his green tree trunk-like body now appearing from the ring, the circular head towering above the trees.

R.S. Cartwright – The Stranger & H’chtelegoth.


H’chtelegoth is an alien entity likely related to Shub-Niggurath and Nyarlathotep dwelling in some alternate dimension. He can be summoned through peculiar rituals.


OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: H’chtelegoth needs not the stars being right to rise. The opening of certain gates allows him to interfere with our reality.


CULT: H’chtelegoth has no organized cult.


H’CHTELEGOTH, The Great Tentacled God


STR 80 CON 78 SIZ 200 INT 20 POW40

DEX 18 Move 40 HP 40


Damage Bonus: n/a

Weapons: Tentacles 100%, damage +8D6

Spells: any

Sanity Loss: 1D10/1D100 Sanity points to see H’chtelegoth.



SHHABOATH (Great Old One)


[...]"Jesus, Pod, it’s worse than I could have imagined. This explains everything we’ve seen up to now—these shelled creatures, the area’s disappearances… and if it does get loose… Imagine a huge cloud of airborne particles released into the jet stream above the Rocky Mountains; traveling through the upper atmosphere, it could cross the Atlantic to Europe…"

C.B. Leonard – The Mines of Waard.


Shhaboath is a ravenous alien entity dwelling the subsoil of Waard, a mine town along the Rocky Mountains. He is kept prisoner by four magical stones but his physical appearance is likely that of an arthropod-like horror covered in spines and tendrils, similar to the lobster-like spiny creatures he broods perpetually. As his captivity ceases, he will release an airborne cloud of his spores which shall infest entire continents.


OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Shhaboath is described in Prinn’s De Vermis Mysteriis and could likely be related to the scorpion-fiend Baoht Z’uqqa-Mogg.


CULT: Shhaboath has his main cult centre in the village of Waard only, where a foul cultist has founded the New Advent Church of Waard, whose rituals include implanting the Great Old One’s brood in living disciples. In change Shhaboath grants wishes to his followers, as revealing the location of precious metal lodes.


SHHABOATH, He Who Shall Come


STR 40 CON 90 SIZ 180 INT 02 POW35

DEX 20 Move 80 fly HP 60


Damage Bonus: +4D6

Weapons: Swarm 80%, Claws 55%, damage +2D6 + infection

Spells: any

Sanity Loss: 1D8/1D20 Sanity points to see Shhaboath.




Floating in the bath of yellowish liquid was a spiny creature straight out of nightmare; with its lobstery-spidery shell, serrated claws, faceted eyes, and barbed, whiplash tail, the thing embodied the fear of all that was stinging and poisonous in one ugly package. Shreds of flesh protruded from where the chitinous carapace had been shattered by the Sheriff’s flashlight. Just looking at it made Ryan’s flesh crawl.

C.B. Leonard – The Mines of Waard.


The broodlings of Shhaboath are lobster-like, viciously barbed arthropod-things which thrive as parasites inside human hosts. A broodling is not capable of speech and with a little disguise may walke among humans undetected, unless the parasite manifests protruding tendrils from victim’s mouth to attack. Like the children of other Great Old Ones the broodlings of Shhaboath live to serve their sire and prepare the way for the coming of Shhaboath via airborne propagation.




STR 2D6+10

CON 3D6+6

SIZ 2D6+10

INT 3D6+6

POW 2D6+6

DEX 2D6+6

Move 12

HP 14-15


Damage Bonus: +1D4

Weapons: Claws 70%

Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 Sanity points as broodling of Shhaboath reveals.


NARRATHOTH (Unique Entity)


It was bigger than a man, all white and loathsome, with a single three-lobed eye that burned with baleful fury. Scabrous scales covered its body, and the stench it gave off was that of life older than the pyramids, life as old as the stars.

Robert Silverberg – Demons of Cthulhu.


Narrathoth is a one of the hideous greater servitors of Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones in broad sense.


OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Narrathoth is a genie-like entity, which can be summoned and may grant wishes. If Great Cthulhu is summoned, Narrathoth may accompany him.


CULT: Narrathoth has no organized cults.


NARRATHOTH, The Forgotten One


STR 50 CON 52 SIZ 20 INT 21 POW35

DEX 20 Move 40 HP 60


Damage Bonus: +4D6

Weapons: Claw 65%, damage +4D6

Spells: any contained in the Necronomicon.

Sanity Loss: 1D8/1D20 Sanity points to see Narrathoth.


K’NAR’ST (Great Old One)


The statue was truly a monstrous sight to behold. It was a replica of K’nar’st. How my descendent learnt of the forgotten god is unknown, but involved the sacrifice of over twenty thousand innocents. The torso of the statue was undoubtedly human-like, with only a slight forward slumping. But the rest of the work was unquestionably not of this world, nor as any other world should be. Four diminutive arms jutted out of the chest of the beast, each ending in seven long and powerfully clawed fingers. Not possessing legs, this beast instead stood on innumerable tentacles. Thick they were, with skin that resembled nothing, and yet were somewhat reptilian. Its head was the worst of all. It was hideous, some what resembling the head of an lion, only not at all. Hairless it was, with a mane of very small bones that seemed to move, even though it was just a statue. Its mouth was open with the three tongues it possessed enlarged and each well over a foot long. The worst was its eyes. I cannot stop but to shutter when I think of those orbs. Even cast in stone, those eyes reflected a sheer force of will and monstrous intelligence and cunning.

Kevin Litner - The Portal of K'nar'st.


K’nar’st is a ravenous horror imprisoned inside the submarine volcano Nayghof, located somewhere in Pacific Ocean. It could be related to Cthulhu and Ghathanotoa as fellow and servitor.


OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: K’nar’st manifests with the opening of mystic portals.


CULT: K’nar’st has no human cult, though he could likely have some worship cult in Muvian times.


K’NAR’ST, Spawn of the Forgotten


STR 80 CON 75 SIZ 60 INT 25 POW40

DEX 20 Move 30 fly HP 110


Damage Bonus: +4D6

Weapons: Claws 80%, damage +2D6 + infection

Spells: any

Sanity Loss: 1D8/1D20 Sanity points to see K’nar’st.

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