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Links from Yog chat

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And here we go with another week of the collected wisdom of the yog-chatters.




Notes of writing weird fiction by HP Lovecraft. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Cafe/1131/14notesen.htm


“Tale a look at these:â€Â



“Beautiful. But, I don't understand...does this have something to do with Jack the Ripper or Whitechapel?â€Â

†Hmmm... It's hard to explain... Try this:†http://www.philhine.org.uk/writings/rit_hawksmoor.html


Pioneer House, people living like they did 400 years ago all for our amusement (or education?)



More thoughts about that era:



And while not from that era here are more puritans as Games Workshop sees them:



â€ÂRed Eye†a movie by Wes Craven featuring at least two coffee shop girls and a “nice lady.â€Â


And a trailer for the film



This was supposed to be art but my internet will not allow me to open the page.



The Sistine Chapel courtesy of the Vatican Museums



A trailer for “The New Worldâ€Â



Dork Tower explains why no one entered the contest rwhorowitz had set up, the one where you sent in a write-up about your career.



Mission Priorities



“The Secret of Terror Castle†(Three Invistigators) by Robert Arthur:


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From the 10th. Planes, boats, manuscripts and more.


The website for Phenomen-X



Sixteen Candles



Master Of Horror, a to be TV series






Have you read "The Baroque Cycle" by Neal Stephenson yet? http://www.nealstephenson.com/


Greenpeace, Caption Nemo may have been a member



Carnivale on HBO



A manuscript about the ngHolos by Lance Daybreak


Scroll down to the post made by andysh here - http://www.forteantimes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7411


The Red Cross can teach you CPR and more!


So can St. John Ambulance



The Wind Walker




Can you make heads or tails of this? Apparently it is some kind of event tracker that shows interconnected world happenings, the small blue marble theory.



So what’s your investigators ride?

Buy Landrover - the vehicle for the modern Cthulhu investigator - http://www.landroverusa.com/us/en/Vehicles/Range_Rover/Overview.htm?route=__link__ContextLink_2_1


A 36' Cabo Rico Tiburon



The MotorCat 30 Trailerable Power Catamaran can run over twenty deep ones per gallon of fuel



Jimmy Buffet's plane:


This is a scale model of the Albatross


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And here are two weeks worth of Yog Links from the American Civil War to modern Movies and Unspeakable Idols.


The Book of the Dead, an anthology of zombie stories. http://www.zombiejuice.com/zbooks/botd.html

Confederacy of the dead


"Master & Commander"




Lets talk about the Civil War.

Battle of the Wilderness


John Brown, abolitionist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Brown_%28abolitionist%29

Battle of Wilson


Civil War Sharpshooters


And a book about them




“Magic†where Anthony Hopkins plays a dummy



Call of Cthulhu the movie.



“Raiders of the Lost Ark†has been remade. tohttp://www.bbcworld.com/content/talkingmovies_archive_18_2005.asp?pageid=665&co_pageid=6


The Dead Gentlemen have made several movies about gaming


And some about demon hunters



James Horner, actor



John whiteside parsons: anti-christ superstar



A map of the Mediterranean for your Invicuis gaming needs. http://iam.classics.unc.edu/map/download/m1_general_blank.pdf


Who wants to work in Antarctica? They may still need someone to wrangle the shoggoths. http://www.antarcticconnection.com/antarctic/employment/categories.shtml


Grant Morrison’s Pop Magic



A modern idol to Tsathoggua?


One of his servitors?




And you can leave a comment about the links if you want you know.

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And you can leave a comment about the links if you want you know.
Thanks, I will.


Lets talk about the Civil War.

John Brown, abolitionist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Brown_%28abolitionist%29


I'm astonished this page doesn't mention Flashman and the Angel of the Lord.

Yep, everyone's favourite 19th Century coward got roped into the raid on Harper's Ferry. Lots of great period detail on New York as well.

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And boy were the links flying last week. And again, please say something if one catches your fancy.


Don't forget the 40st Millennium http://www.specialist-games.com/inquisitor/rulebook.asp


Adam Scott Glancy


Is armed.



Chaosium is looking for a few authors for the upcoming anthology “Arkham Talesâ€Â



Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37, a monograph. http://catalog.chaosium.com/product_info.php?cPath=55&products_id=603


Chaosium will also publish your monograph.



Yoggie Calendar:



Other ways to find Yog-Sothoth.com





Vertigo is making Lovecraft comics.



Enrique Breccia, artist:



Where can I find old guidebooks and such?




Irregular webcomic features: Harry Potter and the summoning of Cthulhu


And faces your keeper has made before



Terry Pratchett is angry at JK Rolling.




Dungeon Majesty On RPGMP3, apparently they advertise on Yog.



Travels into the Dark Side of Trekkerdom by Erik Davis



Who wants a One World Order?



Voduooism: African fetich worship among the Memphis negroes



Read this everyday if you can



The official website of Kala Trobe



Notable Yoggies:



The Book of Dark Wisdom



Where did Paul of Cthulhu come from?



Artwork of a dark future:



GamesWorkshop created the game Dark Future, sounds sort of apocalyptic...


There are even supplements



Harry Turtledove, you didn’t think we had forgotten about the American Civil War this week did you?


22:20:41 [mithras] http://memento-mori.com/octane/octaNe_intro.pdf


Sidney H. Sime



The Road To Hali by John Tynes from, The Annotated Unspeakable Oath #1



I’m not sure what to say about this picture:



Carcosa may look like this at times.




Disciples of Dagon



How to draw comics the Marvel way


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Again with the links.



The M.U. Notepad, apparently different from the one that came with Spawn of Azothoth or with the old Keeper Kit.



Introducing Romanticism the book



“Manfred" by Lord Byron, his most gothic work.



Pandaemonium, poets during the French revolution.



This is Ravenloft, White Wolf makes it now.



Early history and Roman Cilicia



THE EMPEROR (Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned)





The Temple station and bar.


An original church founded by the infamous Knights Templar:


The plans for the church.


Even the bus signs are connected to the ancient mystery.


And lo and behold, there was an archeaological dig from the time of Roman Londinium: http://frontpage.montclair.edu/alvaresj/London_Trip/101_0121SM.jpg

The Museum of London and the Roman section.


I saw the statues...



Keep Gazing.


A stranger at the Temple:

The 1999 total eclipse


A Song to Mithras, not sure what the beat is though.


More on Mithras:

17:15:45 [mithras] http://www.taivaansusi.net/historia/mithraism.html


Accursed Tomes Reviews The Scroll of Thoth.



Lady Edith Manning



The Bob, hair in the 20s and music to accompany.



Louise Brooks and her hair.





More hairdos: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1808655486&cf=pg&photoid=576503&intl=us



Gamer phone sex as introduced by Paris Hilton…



The Battle of Red Cliff, a movie from the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms†book, my joy knows no bounds.



A blog in Latin would still be a blog.



Cthulhu Invictus: now a show on HBO?



A Menhir is the same thing as a Monolith

21:29:01 [mithras] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menhir


If Nyarlathotep had an outdoorsman style of avatar what kind of creatures would serve him?


In other lands


From ancient times?


Wolud his followers change?


Another servitor race?


The final servitor of “He Who Walks In The Woods?â€Â


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It's been a while, I moved but never fear, still you can find the wit and wisdom (or at least the links) from the Yoggers Sunday Chats, chats you are more then welcome to join. Just as you are welcome to reply and comment to these links.


Dennisâ€â€a slightly funny looking 32-year old with a penchant for games and an overbite He also writes things for Delta Green on the web take a look at what he does.


Also he just finished “Insylum†which you should read.



Armitage House, a fine seller of Cthulhu and mythos tomes, they are sold out of “The King In Yellow†though.



Tsathoggua according to the marvel universe



America in the stone age, make jokes as you will.



"New Weird" - are you aware of this subgenre? Several people say it is the future of Science Fiction.


China Miéville, Weird Fiction Author


And more about Mr. Miéville, I hear he is worth reading


Here China talks about blockbusters, movies and the dangers of capitalism and CGI graphics.



This is the town Pfizer built, it's in Brooklyn.



a new book by Kenneth Grant



The Corporation, a documentary.



Ever read "Ancient Images" by Ramsey Campbell? I hear it’s good (and cheap).



Necronompoloy, sort of like the mythos edition of Monopoly.


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I bring more links.

Also censes data of yog which is now I believe 33 members off.



The Freemasons were really into their Pythagorean and Platonic mathematics, sort of like gamers.



Victoriana a gaslight RPG.


And a list of games taking place from the gaslight era, including web resources.



Robert Bloch denies and confess to all



The Fanac Fan History Project, a site dedicated to the preservation of information about science fiction. Sort of like in “On The Beach†where the humans are etching their history into plates of glass to leave behind but about Science Fiction instead.



Free wargames for all to play and enjoy, including “The Battle of Seattle.â€Â


The map for the Battle of Seattle



Anyone who talks about wargames will eventually bring up Games Workshop, it’s just a constant.



Joe loves crappy movies, but not “Bewitchedâ€Â



If Yog-Sothoth.com was going to become some kind of game this is the first board you would use. Or maybe the one from Kill Dr. Lucky?



The many faces of Café Yog




From the unofficial Yog censes:

As of chat time Sunday night Yog was 1950 members strong

891 people are on the forums and have never posted.

237 people have only 1 post.

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Let us talk about the future


"The Singularity is this enormous turd that Vernor Vinge crapped into the punchbowl of sf writing, and now nobody wanting to take a drink can ignore it."


Or a reasonable prediction for the future?


And more explanations:



Time Wave Zero DOS program by Peter Meyer



Charles Stross, check out his new book, Accelerando, here:



Say “Hi†to the future, I hear there are some good talks by McKenna on this



Pataobsfucation: the ability not to be shocked during a complete re-write of physics. And more on the future.



In the future robots won’t need humans.



The Futurist Manifesto, a bold new world.



Behold, Cthulhu fiction by one of our own.



Dungeons and Dragons before all the editions advances, and how it ruined games for the 90’s.



And bonus points to whoever can catch the link making it's second showing here.

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I find the Yog Chat links very interesting and often quite useful. While I can't always make it into the chats on Sunday it's great to see something of what's gone on.


Thanks again for doing these, and I hope to see more people in chat!



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For as few links as we had from Sunday it took me my sweet time to get them here. And I would like to pimp the AfterNow bit, it's quite a good radio show.



Ever read "Cemetary Dance" it’s a horror magazine, the cover art looks pretty cool too.



Three Mandalas, you may have to paste the links into your address bar. Have you ever wondered what a Cthulhu Mythos mandala would look like with Azothoth in the middle and the other things spiraling off?





Space Highways, because when the stars are right you want the fastest rout to a planet not infected with the forces of Cthulhu et al.


This is a similar idea but unlike the first article I do not understand any of the math involved at all.



Tales From the AfterNow: transcript for episode I. If you were trapped in a future gone wrong, how would you try to stop it?


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Well there was a dry week but the links are back, and I have learned a new trick.


Primetime Adventures: now you can make and play the TV show you never got to watch as a kid.


Th e w o r l d of a / s t a t e: the old new weird.


The Road To Hali By John Tynes


Tynes also has his hands in unknown armies, featured here and just waiting to be plundered for Cthulhu ideas.


Nintendo patents going nuts.


WotC is making fun of people who play MMORPGs in hopes that they will now want to play D&D.

This one is a bit tricky, you have to edit the link yourself, I assume you can figure it out (add "Hound" after the word).



Interview with:Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon Tyrannosaurus and stockpiled canned goods.


When your knowledge of “Firefly†comes in handy.


For Tanith For the Emperor.


Journeyman films makes some of the better documentaries I have seen, sadly they are not cheap


How would you play trust in a time of war?


The Medical Detectives by Berton Roueche


Clive Cussler's NUMA books


Ex-Navy Seals investigate ancient aquatic mysteries. Like Innsmouth & R'yleh.


Deep Flight

is the best way to escape deep ones when you have to go into the ocean.


Where evil needs no mythos.


Who would be at the scene of a disaster/providing aid in far flung places?

The bigger Catholic missions too.

Andthese guys

These guys are usually on the ground in conflict/crisis/disaster/sticky situations worldwide: the World Bank.



And do feel free to comment on these.

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We have more links from last week, enjoy.


Who remembers back whenarcade games were plentiful and weird?


How to hide text in pictures


'Ninjas' in Germany.


What D&D classare you? I’m a “Spellsword†whatever that means.



is a great way to deal with deep ones and their cities.


China and the Final War for Resources.


Who wants to work in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle?


THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES , with Kung-Fu and Van Helsing.


Schlock mercenary,

in space no one can hear a mercenary gouge his clients.


More fiction written by a Yogger, this time for Pirates of the Carribbean.


Warlock , horror from the 80s


Neal Stephenson in all his cyberglory.


If your country was infested by mi-go, what kind of weapons would you use? And who would use them?


How does an investigator travel?


We have asked before but still don't know, did Lance Daybreak really escape soviet agents and discoverstrange gods?


And I think I forgot the link to the movie "Zombie Army." but my computer cut off part of the chat.

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Well better late then never, this week from space to writeing and a mystery powerpoint displays (my computer didn't run the thing.)


This is a Powerpoint display I think.


Gamegame , the game about how a game is designed, simulated by playing a game of game design


This site is about Bidwell Mansion , a building about a mile from my house (probably more) but I can only think of the site’s header “Discover the many states of California.†More about the mansion. It is also a link to the past.


We also have a Museum of Anthropology.


The SCA bugs the SCA from what I have been told by the latter


Cthulhu doth grace many a strange aeon.


Milton's army of hell.


Writing weird fiction : by H.P. Lovecraft.

But why did he do it ?


Despite what the URL promises, this article about Lovecraft seemed light on the Epicurean philosophy.


I confess, I’m not sure what all these images are about. But I tend to suspect Mr. Laffoley of Nihilism.


RFK must die must die but with aliens and no polka dot dress.


And this is conspiracy with Lovecraft himself.

But where do UFOs really come from?

And lets talk about them a bit more.


Lets talk about the only Outer God who regularly appears in a suit.

The Crawling Chaos.

Consume these Nyarlathotep based products. Such as



Every Lobby needs a Lurker .


A team of Paranormal Investigators (parapsychologists, journalists & mediums) all stay the night in a haunted house (or castle etc) and wait for something to happen each week…Something usually does. .


Do you need a Bible to burst into flames?


The Tao of Zen Nihilism. .


And the best for last:

Allright, so this thread is more or less a me party with Paul dropping by, but who could resist commenting on this? Really, they have some Cthulhu and DG jokes going strong.

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More links from the chats.Art, Literature and Cults.


The Century of the Self I still don’t like Freud.

Now Art Deco, there’s something I can enjoy.


Strange Tomes often come up.

Even the interactive ones.


More fiction.


Lets make fun of Scientology Maybe even more then once.


It is a statue of Tsathoggua?




Have you see the Russian horror film "Nightwatch" yet?


The Sons of Kryos on podcast.


Hanafuda card games.


The original Nintendo paid off-work geisha to paint the card decks in their spare downtime, now you can buy

cards over the net.


Memories of a Geisha coming soon.


Once Upon A Time…


This is a story about love between Pao-yu and Tai-yu.



The Story of the Stone

And Other books from Penguin Classics.


Ron Edwards can explain:





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Only a few tidbits of links this week, but I promise they are all good.


Val Lewton and his movies, they look pretty good too.


We’ve seen this before but once again Randolph Carter takes on the spammers.


Sanitarium, for the PC with both Aztec Warriors and evil circuses.

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We're back in full force.


My investigators tend to come from one bloodline

Perhaps when not being devoured by the mythos they have other foes?


Visit The Forge and talk about Dogs in the Vinyards.


Civil War Privateers in San Francisco.


Imaginative new game styles at least that’s what it says, I still don’t have power point though.


In the letters on page 8 you can read about the heroic Civil War battle of Santa Rosa


Tooth & Claw remember the what dinosaur are you test we had here a while back? Now there’s a roleplaying game for that.


How much do you want to know about Chaugnar-Faugn?


Land of Og ?



Celestia lets you explore the universe, anyone used it to locate mythos sites yet?


Married life for Dr. West?


Japan’s Lost Generation


Here you can learn about Post-Traumatic Gaming Stress (and SoJ.)


I was here when it all got really, really weird. And it stayed that way.


When I looked at this I thought “fluffy,†What do you think?


Has Norman Rockwell

Ever done Cthulhu?


you said i could be


Blood music “unusualâ€Â


Memory palace “Don’t mess with the gods†has turned into a science.


And all of this makes sense if you were there.

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The good ship Yogchat once again sailed, filled with zombies, books and landscapes.


The Cthulhu Mythos popped up now and again in the game Blood

And they made a sequel


This program can simulate a gate opening.


A careful theological and ethical dissection of â€ÂLeft Behind.â€Â


Forgotten Futures, a game of science fiction romance


The alchemist.


For the Cthulhian

Girlfriend or Wife.


How to become Canadian



Munich by Spielberg.


Who’s up on their Magic: The Gathering trivia?


Yes Prime Minister.


Ophiuchus the 13th sign of the sky.


Violence never really ends…


A shelf full of stories


The Moonlit road ghost stories from the South.


Arkham Nights , the journal of the Lovecraftian and more.


Remember Deanimator? My high is 150.


Duryée's Zouaves without equal?


If you need to boost your Know roll on the marine.


Do you enjoy landscapes? How much do you know about them?

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The week of turky has passed, I am back at my computer and wisdom of last Sunday is now available for all.


John Wick


An online archive of Lovecraft stories.


A Cthulhu action figure , looks like some kind of Comic Con deal.


Now, lets talk about art:



Stories in words and pictures .


â€ÂThe Haunter of The Dark†will be out in 2006, illustrated.


“It was a mermaid like thing is all I remember... “


Cthulhuian Statuary.

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Again the good ship Yogchat brings in the links. What have we been talking about? How does all this fit together? Only time can tell.


A strange journey through the dark past of America in graphic novel form.


Is It Not Nifty?


“The Extraction of the Stone of Madness†and others by Hieronymus Bosch


The â€ÂArabian Nightmare†is just as good after all these years I hear.


The Battle of Algiers trailer .


I just didn’t like this movie although it might be fun to watch for Dark Age ideas.


None of the models used by Vermeer were ever identified. This sounds rather ripe for a game…


Do you remember A/state from the last time it came up? It doesn’t remember you.


Clive Barker A-Z of horror, I think it’s well written.

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Another week has come and gone and another chat has left its links for us.


King Philip's War by Eric Schultz and Michael Tougias


The New World


What is Stephen King up to and where are his works going?


Subsim, have you ever wanted to pilot your own submarine?


Bioarcheological and Biocultural Evidence for the New England Vampire

Folk Belief


Hoosac Tunnel Dark places that kill are an easy target for CoC.

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From game talk to how people talk in general, where yogchatt went.


Ever seen "Threads?â€Â


On the Sheffieldflood


How the Vikings influenced language.


The BBC is airing Funland, this is what your get with a well funded public television station.


They also have people who just might prove the Collective Unconscious.


If a 175-pound man fell into one end , he would come out the other end as 38 pounds of oil, 7 pounds of gas, and 7 pounds of minerals, as well as 123 pounds of sterilized water.


Have you seen the yellow preview?


Inspectres, the game of supernatural horror and resource management. Which is talked about by thesegents as well. They will also discuss what Ken Hite called the Best RPG of 2003. With such guests as the developer of The Burning Wheel. Where they try to answer a question as old as the hills: What the $%^?! is PSYCHOTRONIC?


TheChelsea Hotel, furtile ground for artists in New York.


A cabinet of curisoties from the New York Library.


The Book of Unremitting Horror


How much do you know about the hidden masters?


Virtual light , read Chapter 20, there will be a quiz on this.


The UnHoly of UnHolies


Are children Innocent orEvil?


The shadow of Yesterday sits balanced at the end of one world and the beginning of another.


INTENSE Role Playing


The Cities of the Red Night number six.

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And santa squidly arrives a bit late to bring a list of links from the stockings of yogchat.


Warlords of Alexandria


There are other ways to fight Ancient Battles.


“The Hill of Dreamsâ€Â


My Sunday reading .


The Broo, malevolent disease ridden freaks:

A Personal look at their culture. What their Shaman says. And the

Chaos they love so much.


What do you watch to celebrate cephalopods and wrestling?


Want to play Cthulhu on the net? Maybe another one? You’ll get a shiny map


Miskatonic is not the only University for gamers.


Apache Chief is explained here.


Kung Fu Heroes, the card game.

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Due to or despite my absence yogchat goes on and on, depositing links for us to gaze upon in wonder.


Sephiroth the shining city on a hill… And yet all I can think of is the Civ 3 opening screen


Primetime Adventurers follows in the noble tradition of making your own TV show. All fromDog-eared Designs.


Wyrd is Bond, the mean streets just became a magical place.


Necromunda the mean streets of the famously dark 41st melinimum.


Q-Town Roleplaying in Jack O’Connell’s Quinsigamond.


Who wants to play Call of Cthulhu on the web?

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And we're back with last week's links, somewhere I have more logs to go through and mine for links but that is for another day.


Chainsaw Warrior, how it came to be. and how you can save New York.


Are you playing CthulhuMUD yet?


“â€ÂEMAIL IS AWSOME! EMAIL IS WEIRD!†And comes with games


Wyrd is still Bond


Newsweek callsMara Salvatrucha the most dangerous gang.


Scat singing a vocal instrument.


DunDraCon XXX


Play online on Yog.


Bibliotheca Alexandria where any investigator could put a library use skill to work.


Banned and suppressed history and ideas, this book is out of print.


OcTaNe is still psychotronic.


Woman Avenger, kung-fu from 1979


Zhang Ziyi


Pirates captured by the USS



The Naval Surface Warfare Center: what do you want to know about naval warfare?


Fort Rosecrans where the honored dead rest.


Modern Power Armor has sure gone a long way


A PlatonicSolid, is not a d10.


Sabbat World more 40k books from the Black Library.


Most Haunted 7 ghosts on TV.


Have you downloaded and read Insylum yet?




There is almost no evidence on the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua in all their possible Gnostic glory.


Fighting Ships of the Far East, Chinese naval vessels from Han to Ming.


Paintball videogames, on the site you can meet pro ballers.


So you have tosneak through a forest to escape a cult?

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