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YSDC Studio - Our Media Shows [News]

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YSDC STUDIO is the umbrella name for our media series dealing with all aspects of the Lovecraftian and the esoteric, this includes Breakfast Club and Game Recordings.


From October 2004 onwards we have podcast productions for an audience that stretches from pole to pole. For our sins we are also the UK's longest-serving podcasters.


Hosts include:   Paul, Helen, Chris, Fin, Graham, Marty and Val


Find a range of our productions in the Podcasts section.


Besides the magazine format shows, a variety of other Cthulhu & Lovecraftian-based media go out on the same feed.


New podcasts (and certain publications) are produced for our Patrons.

Twitter: YSDC
Message: Contact Us


Want to know about our older recording and broadcast methods? Read the antique YSDC Podcasting Equipment Guide. These days it's mostly AAC, Ambisonic and VR video.


We create other video productions such as our "Lovecraftian London" series and we also broadcast live.




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