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Roll20 and adding animations

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Given that my gaming group is scattered across the US, I rely on virtual gaming platforms; however, playing CoC while typing and viewing a computer screen can diminish the atmosphere.  Nevertheless, it can be done.  Roll20 recently included the ability to load videos and animations in one's game and I think this can really enhance the gaming experience.  Just to play around with it, I included a short title sequence for our group's landing page for our Masks campaign. 


You can view it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ENWX1XzdEWPjofgCn0zLEH7Z-hSw7z3V/view?usp=sharing


We call our CoC sessions "Skullduggery", hence the title.  It is synced to play with the Stranger Things theme, but I did not include sound in the screen capture video to avoid copyright issues.


The second sequence is showing how Roll20's dynamic lighting can enhance the mystery.  I also animated a gif icon for one of the players (just because I could).  


I imagine using the videos could be useful for showing clues, dream sequences, animated creatures with writhing appendages, or animated backgrounds. There is a file limit (10m) for videos; the bigger the file, the longer it will take to load.  And there is a total for the paid subscription so you would likely need to delete often.

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