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Shimmin Beg

Introductory Lectures in China on Weird Fiction

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Shimmin Beg

Hi folks, recently I've ended up giving a short set of lectures on weird fiction to my students in China. It was a bit unexpected and I'm no expert, with not enough time to prepare... but I did my best.  Amongst the difficulties were the fact most people had never heard of any of the authors involved, except a couple of the historical antecedents I mentioned, and giving an English-language lecture to an audience of Chinese students who in most cases aren't studying English...




I may be asked to do something similar again, and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to offer, especially in terms of more modern and international weird fiction. I'm happy to try and share the files if anyone's interested in the actual content of my lectures - constructive criticism would be very welcome! As I said, I make no claims to be an expert.

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