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Aquaman Movie HPL reference (spoilers)

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So if you have seen the new Aquaman movie you likely noticed that there is a very glaring reference to HP Lovecraft at the very beginning.


When the movie first shows Aquaman's human father before the opening title there is a small stack of books that contains a copy of the Dunwich Horror by HPL.  It is pretty blatantly shown.


The movie also contains fish monsters that are highly reminiscent of Deep Ones.  The city of Atlantis features heavily, as this is linked to Aquaman comic lore. The Philaletheian/lost civilizations nature of it has close connections to Lovecraftian tropes as well.


Aquaman is not a Lovecraftian film. Maybe only in the sense that the Lost Civilization and fish monster tropes are there. But other than that, it is very much a heroic fantasy film in theme and characterization.


It would seem to me that The Shadow Over Innsmouth would have been a more logical choice for the novel at the beginning.  'Cause Deep Ones. And I am presently overthinking the choice of showing DH. At its core, the Dunwich Horror is largely a story about forbidden knowledge and responding to it. This doesn't really match what transpires in the Aquaman movie. Does anyone know anything about the Director of the movie? Is this just straight up a case of "any HPL will do" novel selection or is there some meaning behind selecting Dunwich Horrow that I'm missing? I accept the fact that it could be simply that the Director likes HPL and wanted to put one of his novels in one of their movies.

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