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The Oakdale Affair

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I just finished listening to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “The Oakdale Affair” (published 1917) on Librivox.org.  While it isn’t Mythos-related it is a rip-roaring yarn involving a small town murder spree, a missing heiress, a vicious gang of thieves, a creepy haunted house with rattling chains and a vanishing corpse, mistaken identities, lowbrow yokels worthy of Dunwich, and a fortune in stolen jewlry.  Surely an enterprising GM could do something with it.


(What is it about early 20th Century authors —Burroughs, Lovecraft, Sinclair Lewis, H.L. Menken, the authors of the original Hardy Boys novels — despising country folk as bumbling fools or fearing them as concealers of sinister secrets?  Yo, H.P., guess where your big city meals are coming from?  That’s right, the same fields where the Pod People are maturing.  Enjoy your dinner.)



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