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Derleth vs Tynes variations of Hastur

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I heard that Hastur desribed by Derleth and the one by Tynes differs. What are those differences? Are they much different to each other?

Any descriptions of them available so I could easily distinguish them?

Or what are the good text to read about them?

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Derleth's one description of Hastur, such as it is, may be found in his story "The Return of Hastur". There, Hastur is only seen in the way it possesses someone, and then it appears rather like Cthulhu.


Tynes thinks of Hastur more as a concept than an entity. His famous essay "The Road to Hali" may be read at http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2010/10/tuo-1-the-road-to-hali/. It has this to say about Hastur:



Finally, you may want to answer for yourself the question of just what Hastur is. This article has referred to Hastur in purposefully vague terms — you may well notice the lack of any detailed statistics for beings encountered in Carcosa, and that is an extension of the confusion surrounding Hastur. ... In many ways, Hastur seems to be a very abstract manifestation of something we cannot understand.


Most artists prefer to depict the King in Yellow rather than Hastur itself. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Wars game does have a miniature of Hastur, apparently based on Derleth; for example, this painted version.

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