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The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

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Thanks to PoC's tweet earlier today I've just binged the series.


As someone who doesn't react well to "adaptations" - I had to switch off the new ABC Murders after 20 minutes because I was getting too worked up - I'm surprised to say I rather enjoyed this. I had a few chuckles at references I spotted (and undoubtedly missed umpteen more) but overall it was rather enjoyable. I agree with RogerBW about the ending, but I'm not sure how else it could have been brought to a close (I was going to say "tied up", but that would definitely have been the wrong phrase).


Now to trim the ads/trailers from the episode MP3s and save to a playlist to return to at a later date.

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I recently finished listening to this and really enjoyed it though like RogerBW I felt the ending was the weakest part of the series. The scope of the story had widened so much that that the ending didn't really satisfy me and  the final 'epilogue' felt very tacked-on. I also thought that the big info-dump in episode 7 while being a fascinating tapestry of conspiracy and a great inspiration for CoC games kills the momentum of the series to that point because it comes hot on the heels of a cliffhanger ending to episode 6. 

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