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Well, any jokes on Cthulhu theme? Anecdotes, short stories etc.


Something like:


xxx: If the Great Cthulhu can be summoned by humans who are so much lower than He - then why couldn't humans be summoned by ants?

yyy: well... If a group of ants stand in a circle in my kitchen - I would surely notice it, would go to check it - and, quite possibly - would start some rampage. ))

zzz: Yeah! That's the reason why knowing a TRUE NAME is so important! Cause it's nearly impossible not to look at a circle of ants who sing your name.

And then they say: You can't go, because we've made a line from little crystals! Now you must fulfill our wish!

And you: Oh! Interesting! What will be next? And you say: Ok, you've got me. What do you want?

And their common wish would be: Kill that ant for us or Give us a mountain of sugar! - and then you, like - Ok, so be it, because - why not, really? And you do it. It's not difficult for you and imagine - now you can tell yor friends an awesome story about stupid ants praising your name and asking for a spoon of sugar or something like that.

And SOMETIMES they will ask you to do something even you can't do. Like, one of them - I love that she-ant, but she doesn't pay any attention to me. Make me important for her!

And you - WTF? How? - You don't know and then you simply destroy the whole anthill and kill every ant exept for these two. Ta-damm! The problem is solved!

And the first ant is *whispering in total horror* WHAT HAVE I DONE??!!

xxx: Marvellous... )))

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