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Full Study and Learning Magic

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I'm currently using the CoC 7th rulebook. I have a question about Learning Magic.

If the investigator complete a Full Study of a Mythos Tome, does he learn the magic spells within the book or these a two separate things ?

Can the investigador Study the tome and learn a spell from it simultaneously (since learning a spell can take a few weeks) ?


I currently running the Horror on the Orient Express and (campaign spoilers ahead)


this doubt came up when they discovered the Unausprechlichen Kulten in Lausanne. I mean the book takes 52 weeks to study and the campaign probably doesn't take that long to complete. So i'm kinda confused on how to work this thing out.


Thanks in Advance.

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According to the letter of the rules, "Full Study" and "learning spells" are separate entities.  Think of it this way: mechanically, the goal of Full Study is Cthulhu Mythos skill increase.  The goal of learning a spell is to understand the practical rituals needed to cast it.   That isn't to say that you can't fudge any of this to meet the needs of your campaign. Maybe your characters ask to learn them simultaneously and you allow it, or you treat it as a variation of "pushing" and tell them that there are risks to trying to learn a spell at the same time you work to understand a tome.  Maybe the Sanity loss is greater if they try to learn them simultaneously.  You decide.


Just because a particular product contains a particular tome, that doesn't mean it is 1) intended to be studied and used in that scenario or campaign or 2) can't be modified to suit whatever purpose you might have for it as a Keeper.  Part of being a Keeper is setting up boundaries for your players.  This isn't a video game where they find "X item" and are guaranteed to be bestowed "Y advantage."  If they come at you with "the core book says that X tome takes Y amount of time to study and then Z happens," you say: "Tomes have a tremendous amount of variation in how complete they are and what they contain.  This copy will require [you decide this]."  Don't forget that they need to speak the language too, or get it translated. There are lots of barriers that you control.

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