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Wilmarth ms. & Akeley photos (Wax Cylinder)

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I bought the cylinder on your site . On the other hand, it is possible to have by mail the following elements:


  • 30 page copy of Albert Wilmarth's manuscript describing the events in Vermont
  • Two large (faux) contemporary photographs taken by Henry Akeley.

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Hi Hallbaltimore,


Thanks for your message. I'm sorry those items are no longer available with the cylinder (only being available and advertised on the first production run), hence why they are not listed in the current product description. Sorry about that, if we had any more of them I would have certainly sent them to you!


It may be possible I have a digital copies, but it has been a few years... (I will have a look).



Huzzah! A bit of digital spelunking means I have found digital copies from seven years ago. I've sent you a Private message @Hallbaltimore. - All sorted.


If any other purchasers of our Whisperer in Darkness Wax Cylinder would also like digital copies of the text and the photos just drop me a message (or check your purchase details for the item in the shop area).

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