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Beacon Hill and the Silver Key cycle

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Well, he read an anthology called "Ghosts, Grim and Gentle" - where he probably encountered the Horla (which he read prior to 1927). The book was published and in the Boston Library catalogue in 1926. See here: https://tentaclii.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/the-horla-audio-reading/. This anthology contained Cram's most famous story as well.


Here is what he wrote in October 1926: "course, I procured it at once, together with Joseph French's latest anthology of tales, GHOSTS, GRIM AND GENTLE..." (See Essential Solitude: 1926-1931, p.36). He knew French through Eddy. I think the chances he did not read Cram's Dead Valley when he read The Horla and Wilde's Canterville Ghost are close to zero.


In any case, he may have met Cram when he was staying with Cram's friend Guiney in Auburnville, though he was very young at the time. I now believe that it is memories of Guiney's circle and Boston residence that underly Carter's Boston home in tDQoUK.

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