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The Dark Brood released for The Cthulhu Hack

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A horrible horde, unnameable creatures, howling and screaming as they pour forth into the world from beyond. A host of beings from another plane of life, another evolution altogether, given form from the fecund formless void of Shub-Niggurath; a swarm of living creatures, marshalled by the gods.

The Dark Brood offers content about the Black Goat and its Thousand Young, creatures horrible and mindless, including six examples of the Dark Brood, two investigation seeds, Mythos spells and dozens of elements to add the essence of Shub-Niggurath to your game.

The Cthulhu Hack: The Dark Brood is available now for $3.95 - or you can pick it up in the Unformed Bundle along with a copy of From Unformed Realms, a randomised tool set for generating the unexpected and unknown, for $6.66.



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