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Central or South American source material

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Hello all,


I'm in the middle of putting together a mini campaign for my group and I'm looking for some resources about Central/South America as I want to do something similar to "the thing on the roof" but I'm struggling to find anything about cults or religions that fit with CoC. The plan is that some artifacts come back to the UK to go on display in a local museum but something follows them to retrieve them.


Obviously the god I pick wont appear in the story, its just the focus for the artifacts, and I was thinking of using Yig in this role and having a serpent man follow the stolen items. That way I can have some cultists doing the dirty work with the serpent man in the background pulling the strings, but was worried that some of my group may work it out too soon so wanted to see if theres an alternative god to use. Does anyone know of any source material or have a suggestion on alternatives I can use?


Thanks in advance.

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RE Central America gods and cults



Mesoamerican notes quite possibly include the Maya, though I've never read the book and so could not tell you for sure.





Mesoamerica in general



British Honduras (Belize) and Peru


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Awesome. Thats for those, I shall have to scour Ebay for them. the Mesoamerica one looks interesting and I think the companion one looks familiar. I think one of my mates had a copy but 20+ years ago. I doubt he still has it.

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