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Ravings of a mad time traveller - Rifts in Time and Space

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Is there any scenario where an entity tries to break the linear time of our dimension, and the investigators/another cult have to stop that? So rival cults, one is trying to break the space-time continuum and the other one protect it.
Let me explain In film-culture terms:

In my humble opinion Terminator 1 (and e.g. 12 monkeys) have a single linear timeline. The cause happens after the effect chronologically-speaking, but it all stays within a single timeline.

Imho Terminator 2 (and back to the future movies) allow changing timelines and/or travelling between multiple timelines. This should cause Yog Sothoth to appear (Great Scott!)
Any scenarios like that? Yog-sothoth or Yithian related?
I know nameless horrors has a time-travel scenario, I haven't read it yet.

I have been reading the Kingsbury Horror for Trail and I am thinking how to make it into a more concrete time-rift scenario along these lines (spoilers below):
- Van Schaen opens a space replicator gate at specific moments somewhere along the CIRR train line. A person stepping through the replicator is copied into another timeline / dimension and killed by Charyvdes, then drops the body back into our dimension.

- Matter/mass across timeline/dimensions has to be equal ( why? because.). Accumulating these extra bodies in our dimensions starts to cause Charyvdes to leak and time-shenanigans to happen.

- Enter the Mexican cult: They follow Scylla and want to preserve linear time. They have someone in the police force tipping them on the new bodies. They try to find these people and sacrifice them to Scylla, sending their bodies to the other dimension and preserving the mass equilibrium.
- The new bodies found near the climax could be the investigators' bodies if they have passed through the IRCC gate, or the bodies of someone they know e.g. one-armed Willie. So the investigators have to choose: either sacrifice those lives to Scylla, or lose the whole world (at least Cleveland) to Charyvdes' time whirlpool. In non-multidimensional/mass-equilibrium terms,  the investigators have to complete the loop of their linear timeline.
This is all insane and frankly gross but hoorah! that's what trying to be a Keeper has made me think of.

P.S. Maybe all this means Doc, Marty and Sarah Connor are cultists of Yog Sothoth.

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