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Night Floors LARP

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A little old, but: someone wrote a larp sequel to the classic DELTA GREEN scenario, "Night Floors":



The ARTLIFE Foundation is a non-profit organisation that purchases property and rents it out to professional artists at low cost. However, no building has given them more trouble than the MacAllister building. For some reason there always seems to be a high turnover of tenants.


As residents of the MacAllister building you know things that the ARTLIFE Foundation could not even imagine. By night the building changes, doors appear where none were before and the exit which once lead to the roof now leads into a near-endless expanse of rooms where nothing is impossible anymore. For some of you this is exhilarating, for others terrifying. However, you will soon discover that the true cost of living in the MacAllister Building is more than the rent charged by the ARTLIFE Foundation.


Inspired by the Delta Green adventure "Nightfloors" by Dennis Detwiller


The larp is for 8 players. Its available on Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7YyVGYfWOPvd09jWWJTN3JjVjA

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