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PCs as spell casters

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Good house rules. Anything that makes Mythos skill a boon rather than hinderance is a good thing. Mythos Hardened optional rule is a good thing to use too. Magic should be hard to come by, but once they have it PCs shouldn't be restricted from using it. It's also thematically appropriate to model SAN loss from magic as a growing obsession with magical power -- the more the sorcerer comes to rely on it, the more he's obsessed with seeking out new spells and artifacts.


Yeah, that was my intent. It has worked out very well in play, and even after I've added in Mythos Hardening and the Pulp Talents it merely delays the insanity and death if that is where I or the players are intent on going. Currently I have one player who seems pretty immune to minor San losses due to a combination of effects - but the moment she runs into something big she's basically as toast as everyone else.  It should actually provide an "illuminating" example for everyone about how San-wrecking the thing is simply because she's been able to shrug off all of the little stuff they've had thrown at them.


What my house rules provide is somewhat of a sense of false security - and I am totally ok with that. It seems very "Lovecraftian sorcerer" to me.



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