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Achtung! Cthulhu- Shadows of Atlantis Questions

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Hello to all,


After finishing TotK with my group I am looking for the next campaign to play and stumbled over A!C Shadows of Atlantis. I just finished reading the first two chapters and I think it has some potential.


I will use this thread to post every question that comes up in hope to find some help here.


- My first question is concerning Handout#4 on p. 28. It says "Look for the Mexican Apothecary´s Bookshop..." but the place this clue leads to has nothing to do with a Mexican, an Apothecary or whatsoever. The text also gives no further eplanation how to solve this. I know, it won´t be much of a problem to change the clue but maybe I, as a non- native speaker just don´t get the real meaning of this?


- The second question is about the "Dig Site" map on p.58. Some part of it is darkened. Why is it? Just for aesthetical reasons or am I just not seeing the reason for it.


Thanks in advance!

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