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First Time Keeper just ran The Haunting

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Hi everyone,


I've been lurking here for a while, reading tips and getting ideas. Last week I finally got to run a CoC game for my normal D&D group. I ran The Haunting with a good amount of homebrew changes. figured I'd give you guys a recap, got lots of the ideas from peoples suggestions on here.

I had all my players be a group of strangers who all responded to a newspaper ad mr Knott put out to hire people to check out the Corbett house.


Changed the chapel of contemplation to church of starry wisdom


made some changes to the tenants story (had the father murder the children and wind up in the insane asylum, mother went insane after seeing children murdered, now keeps raggedy ann and andy dolls and treats them as they are the children, very creepy scene, one of my players had to leave the room afterwards because she was so creeped out) 


added in canopic jars hidden throughout the house that the investigators had to smash before stabbing Corbett with the rusty knife to fully dispel his spirit.


put dominate spell "traps" (make your spot hidden BOOM you are dominated, did note cards so the other players didn't know what was happening) throughout the house to get the party to slowly tear itself apart from the inside (which thanks to some awesome role play by a few of my players worked perfectly).


The bedroom/ bed attack worked like a charm, lured  them into the room via victrola which kept turning itself on.


I had 1 investigator commit suicide after going insane, 3 others go insane and either suffer amnesia or faint and 1 who didn't do either (lucky bastard) but stabbed Corbett without smashing the jars and then help the other survivors escape. as an epilogue Knott spent the night in the house and was murdered by Corbett, the surviving investigators went on the run and were forever haunted by glowing red eyes appearing in dark spaces. 


My players loved it, we did it as a Halloween one shot and now they want more, I brought in a bunch of old photos from 1920's era Boston, ran music, sounds, etc... now they want me to do a christmas one or two shot, along the lines of Krampus, Gremlins, Rare Exports (so christmas horror). anyone have any suggestions for christmas storylines? I'm thinking something 1980's in a mall with toys coming to life or something... 



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Thank you for the recap - sounds like it was a lot of fun!  I always enjoy seeing the different ways this scenario gets modified, the way it invites these sorts of personal touches makes it one of my favorite beginner scenarios.

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First off, your maiden flight sounds awesome.


Christmas 1985?


How about security guards start turning up strangled in storerooms of shops? Security cameras catch nothing. Players can be mall manager and assistant manager, their secretary, security chief, security guards.


There's a drunk Santa and his elfette sleeping in Santa's Castle and some street guy who looks Krampus-y hanging around. They're caught as shadows on the security footage.


Manniquins are being animated by the daughter of the guy who owned the land back in the 60s. The developers ran a crooked deal through his attorney when the old guy died and his daughter was in the mental hospital. Maybe she became homeless (knows the Krampus guy) but found her dad's grimoire in the remnants of a disused she'd back in the woods behind the parking lot. Now she wants revenge.

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Sounds like an awesome game and I love the tweaks you made. I will definitely be considering them next time I run "The Haunting".


Here's a Christmas idea off the top of my head:


Deranged serial killer/wizard/cultist is due to be executed just before Christmas. However, through nefarious sorcery he has split his essence between a number of toys, the very ones that happen to be this year's must have item. When he is executed the toys come to life and go on a murderous rampage with the goal of making their way to Santa's grotto in the mall where they will act out a ritual that will transfer the evil killer's soul into the body of the kindly Santa Claus.

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