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Dice rings to the UK

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I am putting together a bulk order of dice rings from http://www.critsuccess.com/ . I've been using these for over a year and they work pretty well, but getting them from the US to the UK is expensive.


Dice rings are available in numbered d4, d6, d10, d12, d20, d24; also double d10 for percentile, 2 or 3 d6, and pipped rather than numbered 1, 2 or 3d6. Other "dice"-type rings are Alignment, English Alphabet, Attitude, Playing Cards, Elder Futhark Runes, Elemental and FATE/FUDGE dice.


They're available in black, blue, gold and rainbow colours, and in various sizes. You'll need American ring size guides - Paul has my set, and will have them available at the Games Day this weekend. Or talk to a jeweller (big department stores tend to have them) and use the conversion chart at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_size .


The absolute worst-case pricing (if just one person wants a ring) is £36 (because there are large fixed components for shipping and customs). If two people do, it's £27 each, and it'll gradually slide down towards £20 as the size of the order increases.


If you want to join this, please:


Pick your ring(s) (type, colour, size);

Tell me: dicering@firedrake.org or private message me here;

If the order gets huge, I'll ask you for some money up front so that I don't end up carrying the whole thing on my credit card;

I order the rings (some time next week);

When they arrive, I quote you a final price, to include postal delivery to you;

You pay by paypal (or bank transfer, if you must).


I won't take any profit out of this, just cover my costs; any surplus goes to YSDC.


ETA: not all sizes are in stock in all colours, so check the critsuccess web site if you can.

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