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Pulp Cthulhu Quick Vs. Normal start

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It seems to me that the Pulp quick start rules result in a much more skilled character than the regular rules.

The skill points for Archetype and personal skills seem to be same so I'll ignore them and concentrate on occupational skills.

The quick start rules allow the following skills 80, 2X70, 2X60, 3X50, 40 and ignore Base values. This gives a total of 530 skill points.


In addition, you don't have to worry about putting your highest stat into the one that gets you the most occupation points.

The normal rules are more variable so I'll assume an average value and that skill points are based on 2X(Core + Edu).

Average core stat = (  3.5+13)X5 = 82.5
Average Edu       = (2X3.5+ 6)X5 = 65
Skill points      = 2X(82.5+65)  = 295
Assume an average of 15 for the base skill gives 9X15 = 135 for a total of 430

Even if we assume that the player got very lucky with rolls, that would yield

Core Stat   = 95
Edu         = 90
Skillpoints = 2X(95+90) = 370
Assume the player chooses the 8 highest skills, that would give 30+2X25      +5X20+0 = 180 for a total of 550 skill points.


And the only thing you're giving up is a chance of a 95 for one of your stats.

Am I missing something?

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Yes, the quick start characters are minor gods compared to the regularly created Pulp Cthulhu characters, who in turn are minor gods compared to regular Call of Cthulhu investigators.

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Forgot to say - - - WELCOME, Pwiecek !!

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It depends a lot on what your occupation is. A lot of the more common skills have high default values that are wasted points in the QuickFire and that's even more true for pulp because you're more likely to take action oriented characters.


Agency detective would be pretty classic pulp character.


One interpersonal skill 5-15% wasted
Fighting (Brawl) 25% wasted
Firearms 20 or 25% wasted
Law 5%
Library Use 20% wasted
Psychology 10% wasted
Stealth 20% wasted
Track 10% wasted
You're going to lose more than 100 points to "wasted" default values. 
On the opposite side, a Professor will only waste 20 for library use and 10 for psychology.
FWIW I do point-buy on characteristics, add up all their possible skill points and have them just allocate it to skills on top of the defaults without regard to archetype and occupation, as long as they can justify it in their backstory.

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