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Dreamlands Express Artwork Search

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I am prepping to do a Horror in the Orient Express-inspired game for my players.  I plan to make the Dreamlands Express a significant part of their journey.  


The module lacks artwork for the exterior and interior of the train.  I'm sure that this was due to a need to finish the module for the Kickstarter and there may not have been an artist or the funds to pay at that time.


Does anyone know of any artwork for the Dreamlands Express that you have used for your game?  Google image searches haven't turned up anything.


At worst I can just use descriptions in the actual module.  I have a player group that very much enjoys visual aides.  At least, for some of the train.  

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I don't know of any artwork specifically for the Dreamlands Express, but I like the sound of it.


My primary go-to artist for Dreamlands artwork these days is Nicholas Roerich, one of the artists that Lovecraft took some inspiration from:













With Roerich in mind, you might find some useful pictures from the Trans-Siberian Express rail system:


















You might also find H.R. Giger's train designs of interest in a more nightmarish setting:









Or, the work of "Vergvoktre":




...or, for something a little less overtly creepy and a little more melancholy, this scene from "Spirited Away":


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Those images are very helpful.


And just to clarify,  fantastical images of the monstrous train cars of the Dreamlands is my top priority.  Exterior and/or interior.  Some may argue that Investigator imagination should do for that.  I'd like at least one or two image handouts.


Thanks yronimoswhateley!

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