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The Lost Continent of Zealandia

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Since HPL was so fond of lost and/or submerged continents, he would doubtless be excited by the prospect of an unknown landmass about two-thirds the size of Australia of which 94% is under water.
Zealandia Drilling Reveals Secrets of Sunken Lost Continent

“The discovery of microscopic shells of organisms that lived in warm shallow seas, and spores and pollen from land plants, reveal that the geography and climate of Zealandia was dramatically different in the past,†said Prof Gerald Dickens of Rice University.{...}

“Zealandia is everywhere substantially elevated above the surrounding oceanic crust,†{Zealandia: Earth’s Hidden Continent} says. “Whereas most of Zealandia’s crust is thinner than the 30–46km that is typical of most continents, studies show that it is everywhere thicker than the 7km-thick crust of the ocean basins.Currently used conventions and definitions of continental crust, continents and microcontinents require no modification to accommodate Zealandia.{...}

“This is not a sudden discovery but a gradual realisation. The 4.9m sq km area of continental crust is large and separate enough to be considered not just as a continental fragment or a microcontinent, but as an actual continent.â€

Zealandia – Pieces Finally Falling Together for Continent We Didn't Know We Had



Today New Zealand is the location of both a cult dedicated to the GOO Zoth-Ommog and an entryway to the Caverns of Yoth where the GOO Nyogtha dwells, but who knows what Mythos-related activity occurred in Zealandia in the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic eras, before it slipped beneath the waves?

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