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List of Airlines of the Classic Era (1920s/30s)

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This is an attempt to list Air transport companies that existed during the Classic Era (I am assuming the end of 1928 as the cut off.), as a resource for Keepers (I've just spent a lot of time updating "Fear of Flying" and so my thoughts turned to just who might be operating Tabors...). I am going to start this thread off with Australia:


West Australian Airways (Founded 1921) - In 1929 became the first airline to operate a passenger service on the Perth - Adelaide route, this was tied to the Trans-Australian train from which the mail was unloaded for faster transport to Perth. Their passenger service turned out to be too successful and they lost the contract during the depression.


MacRobertson Miller Airlines (Founded 1927) - Operated between Adelaide and Broken Hill during the Classic Era.


Queensland & Northern Territory Air Services (Founded 1921) - QANTAS... need I say any more.


Guinea Airways Ltd (Founded 1927) - Freight Airline serving the Papua New Guinea gold fields


These are the ones I know of, if anyone can add to this, I will be happy if they do so. I don't know enough about the history of civil aviation in the UK and the United States, so I will leave that to others.

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This post is just to cover one particular Australian passenger service, West Australian Airways (WAA) Perth-Adelaide service which actually saw the deployment of Dh. 66 Hercules aircraft to fly the route making WAA the only civil user of the plane other than Imperial Airways (The British 'Flag Carrier' founded in 1924), as such it's the most likely one to see Tarrant Tabors had they come into existence.


The service was inaugurated in 1929, making it too late for use in Masks, though really there is probably little to stop a Keeper from moving the start date back to allow its use. Like all early commercial services it was tied to a mail contract, in this case the mail was being taken off the Trans-Australian (Port Augusta - Kalgoorlie) train in Adelaide and flown to Perth where it would be taken to the port of Fremantle by road, thus cutting a three day journey to an overnight trip.


What follows is taken from a description provided in a WAA Brochure about the flight that dates to 1930 (Linked at the end of this summary). Tickets for the flight could be purchased at the same time as the train ticket or from an agent in either Perth or Adelaide. Passengers were picked up either from Adelaide Train station or their hotel and driven to the airport in a company bus, once luggage, passengers & mail were loaded, for a planned departure (in 1930) of 10am. The first leg of the flight was Adelaide - Ceduna. At Ceduna (Approx 1:45pm) the plane would be refueled and checked for the next leg of the flight while the passengers enjoyed a buffet lunch.


Departure on the next leg Ceduna - Forrest, which took the passengers from South Australia to Western Australia occurred around 2:15, arrival at Forrest was timed for 5 pm, where again the plane would be inspected/refueled while the passengers enjoyed a three course dinner. Passengers could then sleep in the airline hostel until woken at 3:50am. Breakfast followed at 4:30 am with the departure taking place at 5 am.


The plane would reach Kalgoorlie at around 8:30, be refueled/inspected while the passengers enjoyed refreshments and then take off for Perth shortly after 9 am (The brochure mentions some passengers got off/on at Kalgoorlie). The Perth Airodrome (Then located at Maylands.) would be reached shortly after 1pm. Mail would be offloaded for distribution, passengers would be taken by company bus to their hotels.


What did this avoid, as I noted earlier, the Trans-Australian ran Port Augusta - Kalgoorlie, the reason for this was this was the extent of the standard gauge line, aside from a three day crossing of the Nullarbor Plain, travelers avoided the break of gauge at Kalgoorlie and the resulting cross platform transfer from the Trans-Australian to the Perth-Kalgoorlie Westlander.


The complete brochure is available for reading via the link below.



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hi Graham... given that the Tarrant Tabor was an experimental design and only one was built. This crashed during tests in 1919 due to serious design faults with it's unusual 6 engine layout.. So I'm not sure it is a viable  design. Now i know that there is a White Dwarf article that postulates a "what if" improvement that results in a Mk 2 Tabor.But this is pure fiction. Nothing wrong with that right? Of course not. So while you're using a fictional (if believable) super aircraft of the 1920s, why no fly these with a fictional airline too? So there is no need to stick to the companies you've listed - create a new one. Want to bring forward the trans-continental routes across Africa and Australia why not do this too? They began pioneer flights at the end of 1925 (to South Africa) and 1926 (to India and to Australia). However regular services from London didn't start over these routes (in parts) until 1929. So the earliest credible dates would be 1926, if you assume service began immediately test flights were completed. However I do like sending Players by sea anyway. Ships are so much fun! lol.


However if you DO want a real aircraft similar to the fictional Tabor from the same period you could try the Barling. Alas, like the Tabor, only one was built but it gives you more alternatives. It's American, so that suggests Continental US alternatives for long distance flights early on:





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