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The Olympic Art Competitions

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I recently got my hands on a CD released at the time of the 1996 Olympics which featured music either composed for, or associated with the Olympic Games. One composition, "Towards a new life" by Czech composer Joseph Suk (1874 - 1935), was described as the Silver Medal winning piece at the 1932 Olympics. This led me to dig into it a little further and Wikipedia turned out to have a reasonable summary of the Olympic Art Completions which were held between (1912 - 1948). During the Classic Era (1920s) the Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam Olympics all had an artistic component (Although the Paris Olympics either did not have a music competition or no entries were submitted, or they were destroyed...)


The areas medals were awarded in were:


1. Architecture

2. Literature

3. Music

4. Painting

5. Sculpture


Scenario possibilities relating to any artistic component of the Mythos, especially after 1925 should be obvious.


Wikipedia: Art Competitions at the Summer Olympics (1912 - 1948)


There is also a trio of articles I have located which came out around the time of the 2012 Olympics


Slate: Who Will Win the Gold Medal in Literature? A History of Competitive Art at the Olympics.


The Atlantic: Remember When the Olympics Used to Have an Art Competition? No?


Smithsonian Magazine: When the Olympics Gave Out Medals for Art


And a comprehensive listing of the winners of art related medals, all of whom have now been struck from the official medal totals.


Olympic Art Competition: Medals Awarded

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