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Mythos CCG

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I am looking for missing cards to complete my Mythos CCG collection.


I am interested in sealed starter decks or boosters from NEW AEON set and also in trading or buying singles.  

I have a lot of cards available for trading from "Limited Ed", "The Dreamlands" and "New Aeon" sets. 


Also any contact to someone who was playing/collecting the game in the past is more than welcome. 


Here is the list of cards I am looking for:


☠Chakota Beast
☠Evoke Doppleganger
☠First National Grocery
☠Fish-Head Rock
☠G.G. D'Arn
☠Ill Omen
☠Its Full Of Stars!
☠Nuclear Winter
☠Star Vampire
☠Terrorist Strike
☠Yuggoth Attacks!



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