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Sentinel Hill Press seeks "ghost stories" for our podcast

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We here at Sentinel Hill Press are working on a new episode of the Sentinel Hill Press-cast to promote an upcoming project and we would very much like some assistance. What we are looking for are personal accounts of hauntings and (especially) haunted houses – what stories were told in your home town about your local haunted house?… every town seems to have at least one.

Here are the details:

  • What – ghost stories and tales of haunted houses.
  • What Not? – fiction. There are plenty of ghost stories in the world. Leave those to M.R. James.
  • Seriously? Aren’t all ghost stories fiction? – Well, as a skeptic, I do not believe in ghosts BUT I do believe in the stories we tell each other about ghosts. I want those – folklore and urban legends and not polished stories.
  • But what if I really saw a ghost? – Then by all means, tell us about it.
  • Format – audio recordings only. Digital please; I have a record player in my garage, but it would take a while to dig out.
  • Duration – please keep submissions under 2 minutes; they may be edited for length and content, as needed.
  • Can my submission be anonymous? – If desired, yes, we can keep your name out of the papers. We can even tweak your voice, if necessary.
  • Reward – nothing beyond the joy you feel in your heart, and being a part of one of our episodes.
  • Deadline – Please send all submissions to arkhamgazettemagazine@gmail.com by September 20th.
  • Other Questions – Post a comment below and I will answer them as quickly as I can

I can’t wait to hear your stories!

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