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Possibly running a game in Doncaster (UK) in the future

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Hi, my names Phil and I'm an al...oh wait, wrong forum.


Ahem. Ok, from the top.


I'm old, which is kind of good, because it means I got to play CoC 1ed, D&D Basic, Traveller and a load of other now legendary stuff.


But it's kind of not so good because all my friends are basically dead, except one, who know lives so far away, he may as well be.


I played some more CoC quite recently...say, about 25 years ago, but since then haven't played anything.


I'm going to try to make some new friends. Not, like, construct them, or anything...just get out a bit more. And then I'm going to lock them in my basement and make then play CoC in exchange for food and water.


I'll let you know how it goes.


From my cell.

Hi Phil (or is it Dharma66 ??). I am currently living in Scotland but trying (unsuccesfully at the minute) to relocate to Doncaster. I have GM'd all sorts of games since the late 70's but CoC is a personal favourite (along with the FASA STRPG - probably because both are high on investigation!).


Obviously no good at the moment, but once I get to Doncaster I would be looking to run a game again. Are you interested and if so which era?


I have an 1888 Mythos/Jack the Ripper campaign written up, a 1650's (very houseruled) West Essex pure folklore one that I am developing and a "uncommon Mythos nasties under Victorian London" concept waiting in the wings.


If any of this is of interest, and IF you are still available when I finally reach Doncaster, please let me know.

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