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The GROGNARD files 'zine YSDC fundraiser

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The GROGNARD files is a podcast featuring memories, games and lists from the hey day of UK role-playing in the early 80s. Last year we produced a 'zine (reviewed in the December breakfast club) which is now available for download at drive thru rpg.


It's available on a 'pay what you want' basis, to help the YSDC, all proceeds raised will be donated to the YSDC 'church-roof fund'.


You can find the 'zine here and the Collected Daily Dwarf (essays about RPG features in White Dwarf magazine).


The 'zine has the following features:

  • Great artwork from Russ Nicolson and Mark Laming
  • A special Open Box featuring the GROGMEET games masters remembering Star Wars (WEG), Shadowrun, Boot Hill and GangBusters
  • Judge Blythy with the first instalment of The Armchair Adventurer’s Memoir
  • Ed in the Shed scrap-booking Call of Cthulhu
  • @dailydwarf poking in the corners of White Dwarf’s small ads
  • An exclusive RuneQuest short story by Justin Hill (his novel Viking Fire was a Times Book of The Year 2016)
  • A FATE accelerated scenario set in the world of Jerry Cornelius
  • Dirk the Dice talking bobbins about a PBM he played back in the day


Dirk the Dice

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