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Eldritch Whispers: The Mythos (Play by Post RP)

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A few notes before I begin:


This RP was originally posted on an anime fansite, and indeed I am an anime fan. This RP was created with such people in mind, and as such, the NPCs I will show you have anime faceclaims. This is not a standard Play by Post RP, but is a rather cutthroat system based on the one used by the RPers on another site. It is unforgiving, and as is only suitable, the GM plays a role very similar to that of a Keeper in a CoC game or Arkham Horro, but be aware that the mechanics of those games are not actually present in this setup.

I'm afraid I didn't really know where to post this, as there's no section for Play-by-Post RPs here, so I just defaulted to this section of the forums: If there's a better place to post, could I please be redirected. Other than that, this is a call to any who are interested. Should you be interested in joining, I will be accepting character sheets for the foreseeable future.

Moving on, I'll get to the game:

The university town of Pinegrove has had its share of oddities in recent years. What with the as of yet unexplained death of Alexander Alton two years ago, and the disappearance of second year student Mariette Hunter.


Students report seeing shadowy figures walking around at night, but nothing is ever found when police investigate. And then there are the cult rumors about the old families who live in the large suburban estates around the outer reaches of town.


But nothing could ever be proven. It was well past time someone stepped up to learn the truth, but despite the many inquisitive minds studying at Pinegrove, no one seemed to have any intention of seeking it out. So it was when a group of students began snooping about in the darker places in their locale. They had often felt that strange occurrences were drawn to this, but with this recent death, they finally decided that something had to be done.

They had no idea what kind of forces they had decided to meddle with.

Premise: You are a student at Pinegrove University, a school known for its extensive resources in the fields of history and anthropology, though it is by no means deficient when it comes to the arts and innovation. You've been suspicious about the strange happenings about town in recent years for some time, and now, one of these bizarre happenings has hit too close to home: A friend of yours, Elizabeth, "Liz" Edwards, has disappeared, having gone missing around the same time as a disturbing incident took place. Her parents say they haven’t heard from her, and no one has spoken to her since three days ago.


This thing has finally set itself on your doorstep, and as no one else seems to be taking the initiative, you decided that you'll have to look for answers yourself.


…If only you actually had even the vaguest experience in being a detective…

This quaint university town hides many secrets that will come to light if you only seek them out. However, are you prepared for the dire consequences of doing so? Are you even aware that there will be any? You aren't even detectives after all. Just a bunch of kids looking to find their missing friend.

Objective: To find Elizabeth Edwards, and then to learn the truth behind the weird things that seem to flock to this place. However, you may be faced with far more…shall we say…immediate…objectives, before you can even begin to do any such thing. Whether that means escaping a dangerous location, or stopping a murder in progress, depends on the situation. And is it really murder… if the aggressor is almost certainly not human?

The haunt begins now. And far more than you know rides on your success.


Good luck. You'll need it.
…But it won't save you.

Welcome to Eldritch Whispers, set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos! Herein you will find horrors beyond imagining, and mad ideas that will haunt your dreams for years to come. Or did you come here because you wish to encounter such things in the tragically foolish belief that you possess the psychological fortitude required to survive the trials that you'll face? That said, you should be warned that by submitting a character for this RP, you may be condemning them to a fate that makes a gruesome death look like a picnic in Avalon.

I suppose you probably came here already knowing that…

While the GM is not completely heartless, characters are going to die in this game. It’s your job to try and prevent him from killing you.

The Rulebook:

Contains the above, the character creation guide, a link to an example character sheet, and a list of some but far from all of the NPC's you will be encountering. Incidentally, it looks like a disaster on a phone, as a friend alerted me to, so I'll be preparing a mobile-comparable version at my next opportunity.


The Mobile Compatible Rulebook:

Welcome to the game then.

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Play by Post games are handled by the fine admins and moderators of Play@YSDC. :-)

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