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[Looking to buy] OOP foreign language Cthulhu books (6th edition)

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Good day, I seeking some 6e things edition book that were published in French and German. I've looked on eBay, Nobleknight, Amazon, etc. Most place known for these sort of books, but no luck.

So I figure I'll give it a shot here.

In French from Sans-Détour, I'm looking for:
- AdC Terra Cthulhiana, and;
- AdC Necronomicon et autres ouvrages impies.

The first one is a translation of the German book (of the same title) about various locations, the second one is about Mythos and Occult books.

In German from Pegasus Spiele, I'm looking for:
- Cthuloide Welten #12
- Cthuloide Welten #15
- Cthuloide Welten #19
- Cthuloide Welten #20

4 issues of a magazine from 2001-2011 IIRC.

If you own them and seeking to part with it (or know someone who does), please let me know and we can see if we can come to an agreement (postage to Canada is on me obviouly).

And if you are not selling but see anything online, please let me know, every little bit helps.



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