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Suggestions for adventure for a Masks prequel?

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I will probably begin Masks with 4 players, using ToC. All of them are experienced rpg players, HPL fans but never played Cthulhu rpgs before (neither CoC or ToC)


Scouting info on tips about prepping MoN, I found that it is a good strategy to have a prequel before the NY chapter.


I want to introduce the system, ease into the transition from traditional rpgs to investigation/horror role playing and of course make them bond with Jackson Elias . I would also prefer that this prequel has nothing to do with the Mythos in order to have the chars start MoN as sane possible.


Can anyone recommend an adventure (ToC, CoC or fan made) that fills this description and is relatively easy to edit out or substitude Mythos? Or maybe that the Mythos encounter it has is minor?

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I haven't read or played it, but I've heard that The God of Mitnal was designed as just that. It is in the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion.

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