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FHTAGN - A free Lovecraftian Horror-RPG [German]

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Hi all,


I would like to share the (online) release of FHTAGN, a free to use Lovecraftian Horror-RPG under Open Game License (derived from a well-established US Horror-RPG).


The German Lovecraft Society (Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft) has made some efforts in the last weeks, and - together with enthusiastic fans of the original game - completed a german translation of the Open Game Content parts. We are going to continue the work on FHTAGN, adapt it to the various eras of play, and looking forward to produce a print version.


In combination with a 'whitelist of Cthulhu-Mythos concepts', anyone is able to make Lovecraftian RPG material based on FHTAGN for free or commercial use.


You are very welcome to take a look (of course, it's in german):




If you are also a fan of the original - like we are - you may have some fun with these playing aids depicting the flow of damage and sanity.




Damage Flow




Sanity Flow



... and of course wrong forum. Mod, please help? ;-)


[Helped! :-) ~ Mod.]

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