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[PBP] Looking for Gamers (CoC, HP, OWOD)

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This is a bit odd and I'm hoping there are people out there still interested in play-by-post. I'm offering one that is really unique. It is Call of Cthulhu, Harry Potter and Old World of Darkness all integrated together. It is a system in progress on the Call of Cthulhu side and I'd love to have people who are interested and creative to hop in and help us work it out.


Here is a short run down from my website: http://www.hogwartsbynight.com


The setting of this game is a mixture of three concepts. It is an Old World of Darkness game in which, instead of mages, there are Harry Potter witches and wizards and rather than having ‘just mortals’ we embrace Lovecraftian Mythos – or, to look at it another way, it’s a Harry Potter game in which mortals, vampires, werewolves, and faeries are much more than the simple stereotypes shown in the books!


Here's to fun!

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