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The Call of the Abyss - Lovecraft-inspired short story

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Greetings, Lovecraft enthusiasts!


I'm Juhani, game developer and aspiring writer, especially in the realm of interactive storytelling but also in more traditional forms. As a part of the world building process for the game I'm working on (and writing for), I also ended up writing a short story that is kind of a leadup to the events of the game itself.


The Call of the Abyss


I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback that hardcore Lovecraft fans have; I have not set out to fully copy the style of the master himself, but I do want the inspiration to come through clearly. Critique, even harsh critique is welcome, as I have a ton of writing ahead of me and I want to deliver the best possible result. Also, some of you may notice that the premise is very familiar from "The Temple", and indeed it was the original inspiration for the entire project!

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