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Delta Green: Area 51 and End of Campaign

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Dear fellow keepers


I'm midway through a somewhat reimagined 90's Delta Green campaign focusing on a group of FBI agents stumbling into the Mi-Go, MJ-12, Delta Green conspiracies. In particular our focus is on Majestic's attempt to breed an alien/human hybrid and so forth. Now I think I know where we are going to end up - with the players infiltrating Majestic and sneaking into Area 51 itself to destroy the root of the evil - the alien kept alive there.


I had two questions: firstly, do any of you know of any scenarios (DG or otherwise) actually set in area 51 (or something similar)?


Secondly: I would love to hear how your guys campaigns culminated - how did you bring the intrigues to a satisfying end for the players?


all the best


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