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DG 2016 (Need to Know) Pregen Dump!

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A small faction of Internet users (probably those devious Russian hackers!) have exposed a large database of 800 personnel files.  Upon further examination, these are all records of American citizens working in professions which would qualify them as Agents, friendlies, or contacts of the DELTA GREEN conspiracy.  They are sorted into eight basic occupational categories, 100 individuals per category.




he large number of files may serve to camouflage the identities of the true agents; however, it must be deemed a possibility that any of the persons described is in fact a bona fide DELTA GREEN cell member, or may be involved in some way with current or future "operas."  Use this data wisely.

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Comrade Deodanth,


The party thanks you for disseminating capitalist agents da.  Project thread may be followed here;



Note there are new PDFs with 960 agents, new character sheet, new professions, and (just today), distinguishing features thanks to a patch by Simon Brunning.  Code is open source on GitHub if any Python programmers are interested;  https://github.com/jimstorch/DGGen


Das vi danya.

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